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Class supplement, TOEFL iBT Essay Writing, homework for the topic land usage


Questionnaire on your likes and interests

1. What do you like? Example Answer. I like birds.

2. What is good about it/them?
Example Answer: Watching birds is fun. They are pretty and smart, and above all they can fly!

3. Are there any problems related to your likes?
Example Answer: Some birds, especially crows, are hated because they make streets unclean.

4. Suppose someone will give you a huge land if you use it for your likes. What plan of usage of the land would you present to persuade him to give you the land?
Example Answer: I would plan to make the land a test-case town for peaceful coexistence of crows and people. Crows would stay away from streets and would even help people.

5. If the person said that he would give you the huge land only if you use it for purposes other than on your own. What would you use it for?
Example Answer: I would use the land to build an employee-owned factory for the unemployed. This would not only lower the unemployment rate but vitalize the economy because performance of the factory and the average income of the workers would rise.


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