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Supersonic/Electronic Weapon 不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)


2012/05/16 (Wed) Wtb around 1:20 and 1:35. Spt fm 2:20-7:30 (5 hrs).
1:20-1:23 several e-shock to brain
1:37 esb (strong) + game/car-like noise
1:39 esb (strong) a sensation that felt like an electric current went through the top left part of my head
1:41 esb (strong)
1:42 esb (strong) + fit of left ankle and toe
1:44 esb (strong) + fit of right ankle
1:46 esb (very strong) all breath came out of nose holes +flashes with geometric patterns in my eyes
1:49 esb (very strong ) smell of blood + shock of a fist blow + the noise Goh + fit of left leg
1:51 esb (strong) + fit of right shoulder
1:53 esb (weak)
1:55 esb (seak) + fit of left wrist
1:56 esb (rather strong) all breath came out
2:03 esb (rather strong) fit of the right foot
2:04 esb + fit of left arm
2:06 esb + fit of left arm (stronger)
2:07 esb + fit of left thumb
2:08 esb + fit of right foot
2:09 esb (strong) + fit of right leg + the noise Goh from below the floor
2:10 esb + fit of right leg
2:12 esb (strong)
2:13 esb + huff + fit of lips
2:14 esb (very strong) + a big fit of the right foot
2:16 esb
2:17 esb fit of the right hand + upper leg
2:18 esb (strong)
around 7:30 the noises in my head became oud
7:56 esb
8:08 fit of right leg

Walked to the next station to buy some cheap things, ate lunch at home, and marked essays at the fast food restaurant in my station building from a little before 16:00 to a little past 19:00. Bought small things and food, and got home before 20:00

I’ve got additional private classes for tomorrow and next Thursday. I’ll leave later and come back later tomorrow and the next Thursday. (Classes: 18:00-19:20 + 20:00-20:40)


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