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Supersonic/Electronic Weapon 不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)


2012/05/13 (Sun) wtb around 12:10 and 12:54. Spt from 1:00-8:30 (7.5 hrs).
12:52 esb while I was still awake and reading but becoming a little sleepy
12:55 esb (sharp) + noise fm 202
around 8:30 the noises in my head became loud and wavy

Prepared for classes at the fast food restaurant from around 15:00 – 18:00, bought food, and got home around 18:30. Prepared for classes on PC till around 22:00.

Lots of loud male voices, some very loud and excited under my window, although I did not hear what they were saying because I was wearing earmuffs and at some point closed my window, a little after which one male voice sounded aggressive and the others sounded calming it down. But maybe it would have been mishearing.

I’ll go to Yotsuya to leave some handout I should have given to my students last Saturday tomorrow before I hit Shibuya for the evening class. There is no class on Tuesday, when I usually have a class at Yotsuya, this week.


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