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Supersonic/Electronic Weapon 不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)


2012/05/10 (Fri) Wtb 1:47. Spt from 2:00-6:30 + 8:00-10:00 (4.5 + 2 hrs).

1:50 e-shock to brain (esb) (strong) + game/car-like noise (g/c)

:56 esb (Before esb, vibration/magnetic field around my head from below the floor a few times. It was like the vibration/magnetic field expanded or focused on my head suddenly.)

59 esb (piecing, the same vibration/magnetic field first and then the shock)

6:30 the noises in my head became loud and wavy

-7:33 I was awake for an hour

:33 esb

:38 esb

-7:46 I was awake all the time

7:46 esb

10:00 l/w

10:06 esb + huff + fit of right leg

10:20 esb


Had a private lesson at Chofu from 16:00-17:20, left school around 17:30, got to my station a little before 19:00, bought food and got home a little before 19:30.


Not a bad day except that I had my skirt and shoes all wet right after I left home in a squall-like rain and wind at its peak, and got home with them still wet.





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