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Supersonic/Electronic Weapon 不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)


2012/04/28 (Sat) Went to bed at 12:03. Slept from …

It’s 3:46 am and I have not had a real sleep other than a 10-minute droop, which was disrupted by the electric attack.

Here are the records of the attacks:

12:03  a loud car noise in a distance

12:20  boiler sound from the house next to my room (when I wrote this record, the sound stopped and instead the car noise or game/car-like noise started)

12:24  1 e-shock to brain (strong)

12:25  1 e-shock to brain (weaker than the one before)

12:25  1 e-shock to brain

12:26  1 e-shock to brain

12:27  1 e-shock to brain (strong)

12:28  1 e-shock to brain

12:28  1 e-shock to brain + a noise on the wall of Room 202, the next room

12:29  1 e-shock to brain

12:30  1 e-shock to brain (strong)

12:30  1-e-shock to brain (stronger)

12:32  1 e-shock to brain + all the breath in my lungs came out with the shock

12:33  1 e-shocks to brain (became stronger one after another)

12:34  1 e-shock to brain + fit of the right foot

12:35  1 e-shock to brain + fit of the left finger

12:40  1 e-shock to brain + fit of the left ankle (+ noise ?)

12:44  1 e-shock to brain (very strong) + choking suddenly

1:55   1 e-shock to brain

2:03   1 e-shock to brain (strong) +fit of head

2:06   1 e-shock to brain

-3:30  worked and read a book

3:39   2 e-shocks to brain when I was resting after reading and feeling sleepy with eyes covered by my left arm

Now it is 4:00, I’m going to try to sleep again because it is going to be a long day, but I feel somebody(s) are in the next room, ready to attack me.

If you do not believe what I call e-shocks and attacks, please think about why I have to stay up late before a tour which promises a long train and car rides and little sleep after a 6-hour 4 textbook classes day. No answer, I want to sleep, and am able to, if not disturbed.

This harassment is real.

The rest:

4:12  go to bed again

4:25e-shock to brain = esb (from below the floor or from the right side of my brain which was underside)

4:26 esb (stronger)

4:27 esb

4:29 2 esb


4:31 esb

4:34 esb (very strong) shocking the whole head + Goh noise frombelow

-4:39 several esb (getting stronger till I take this note) + an autobike noise driving away from near and around in a distance

4:41 esb + jaw shut

4:42 esb + fit of left arm

4:45 a few esb, one with a noise in the wall or ceiling

4:47 1 fit of right index finger vplaced under head

 funny feelings n legs and the noises in my head loud a wavy

4:49 esb (strong)

4:51 esb + breath stopped a second

4:54 several esb fit of right hand

4:55 esb + jaw shut

5:01 (?) fir of left thumb

5:01 2 esb + 1 big fit of right leg

5:06 esb + a big jaw shut

5:07 a noise in the next room + esb

5:09 esb + fit of right pinky

5:11 esb  (heavy)

for 15 minutes or so, I fell asleep and had a nightmare and cried something and woke up

5:24 esb

9:30 woke up to the alarm clock, the noises in my head very loud and wavy


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