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Supersonic/Electronic Weapon 不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)


2012/04/26 (Thu) Went to bed at 0:17. Slept from 0:30-4:50 (4 hrs).

0:28  1 e-shock to brain (very strong) accompanied by a flash and a noise (from 202)

4:51 the noises in my head became loud an wavy

4:51 the loud wavy noises became an e-shock and sounded shooooo

I put my head on the other side of mattress and in 10minutes the noises became less loud

5:33  1 e-shock to brain + the noise Goh (202)

Sent to the fast food restaurant to mark essays and to supplement sleep. Slept for 30 minutes. A few people made noises and coughed when I was trying to sleep. Stayed there from around 11:00 to 16:00. Bought some more offerings for my mother and snacks for my family and sent them by the delivery service. Went to a bakery coffee shop and marked essays till around 20:20, bought food and got home around 20:30.

When I was leaving in the morning, a huge man with crazy eyes with crazy smile, in his 50s with wide forehead, in white long probably underwear, appeared and looked into my eyes on the stairs and passed me when I was walking them down, and then a woman in her 50’s or 60’s, whom I greeted politely the other day or yesterday appeared at the foot of the stairs.

When I was taking the plastic trash in the evening, I saw the same woman and a young woman came out of the third room from the back on the first floor, where I saw the same black folding umbrella with small pink bow patterns which had hung at Room 202, the next room of mine, was hanging at the door a few weeks ago, and went into the next room of mine (202).

Though 29th will be the 49th day memorial of my mother, today is exactly the 30th day after her departure. Time flies. About the early 49th memorial, my father explains that date of the ceremony and the ash placing was decided so that they are conducted with as many family members as possible. I think it makes sense though it is very early. A little strange is that the first week memorial was not shared by relatives and a few female relatives asked me with a strange smile whether the seventh day ceremony was done or not on the day of the wake and funeral, I recall.

Made friends with a young woman at the fast food shop and exchanged numbers. We have kind of known each other since winter. I’m not writing details to protect her privacy. I’m writing this just because the instant we started exchanging numbers after chatting for a while, the atmosphere of a group of males sitting in the back, who seemed to be faculty of a university, stood up, and left. The leaving noise seemed much louder than can be described normal, and this move of theirs just stuck to my mind.


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