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Supersonic/Electronic Weapon 不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)


2012/04/25 (Wed) Went to bed at 1:28. Slept from 2:00-7:30 (5.5 hrs).

1:34  1 e-shocks to right ear + the noise Goh from the next room (202) or the room below (101)

1:35  1 e-shock to brain + fit of right foot + Goh

1:37  1 e-shock to brain (strong)

1:38  1 e-shock

-1:39  4 e-shocks to brain in a row

1:48   very big fit of head and upper body + e-shock to brain

1:49  1 e-shock to brain + fit of the left fist placed on my left chest

7:30  the game/car/like noise

Went to Yotsuya to prepare for Saturday’s lesson and leave most of the teaching materials so that I can reduce my baggage on Saturday, when after the classes I am supposed to take Shinkansen and go to ShinOsaka to join my family for my mother’s 45th day memorial ceremony and ash setting in the family tomb in Susa, Yamaguchi.

I stayed at the school from around 15:30 to 16:40. I got to my station around 17:30, stayed at the fast food restaurant till around 18:30, bought offerings for my mother and snacks for my family and other food, and got home around 19:00.

A young woman started making a noise like she was sobbing after I turned around to avoid the strange movement she made with her fingers while I was reading on Hanzomon-line near Oshiage. I have always wondered why some women can cry or sob that easily and make me look like a bitch when it was actually they who attacked me first.

I hope everything is fine for you, nice and kind people and f… 🙂


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