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Supersonic/Electronic Weapon 不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)


2012/04/24 (Tue) Went to bed around 1:50 Slept from 1:50 -8:30+ 9:00 -10:00 (6.5 + 1 hrs).

1:54 2 e-shocks

Had two evening lessons at Yotsuya. Left school a little before 21:30, tried to ask about Shinkansen ticket at JR station in vain for 10 minutes, got home a little after 22:30.

Probably because of the increase of days with more than 5 hour straight sleep, I felt better physically today, but not mentally.

Probably because I used trains on a different day and different hours today, I was harassed more often than usual. It was like time slipped back to 6-12 months ago on the days and hours I regularly use.

Also, when I dropped by a drug store to get a snack bar, two women stood around the corner where the bars were hanging, as if they were two of those bars, and never moved, even though I stood next to them and looked at the bars for about ten seconds. I gave up and took a round to reach the bars from the other side and when I turned the other corner, a baby cart pushed by a woman appeared in the middle of the allay, I went through the narrow space, reached the bar-display, and got one bar after the women got off the rack after I had stood there for a few second and tried to reach one. After I got it, I went to the cash register. A customer had just left and when I just looked toward the person behind the counter, he made an expression as if he was in trouble. I felt something was wrong and returned the snack to the rack and left. When I was leaving, the women, who had still standing at he rack, chuckled. I felt like I found a worm in an apple I was eating.

Silent prayer for my mother’s fourth day from her departure.


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