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Supersonic/Electronic Weapon 不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)


2012/04/23 (Mon) Went to bed at 0:45. Slept from 1:00-3:00 + 3:30-8:20 (2 + 5 hrs).

Around 0:43 When I was still sitting and drooping, with my eyes lightly closed, an e-shock came.

0:55 1 e-shock to brain

0:57 1 e-shock to brain (stronger)

-1:00 several e-shocks to brain

-0:01 4 e-shocks to brain (every 5 seconds)

1:04 several + a very strong e-shocks to brain, the last shock, the strong one shook my head sideways

Around 3:00 game/car-like noise

3:15 1 e-shock to brain

8:20 the noises in my head became loud and wavy

Had a class in Shibuya. Finished class around 21:00, got to my station around 22:00 and got in a little past 22:00.

In a narrow allay in a McDonald’s in Shibuya, where I stayed from around 16:30 to 18:00, a nice person lightly bowed to me when I made room for him and his friend, but I was a second late to bow back. Sorry.

I felt good today. I think I also looked better than usual today. I thank you, nice and kind people. No other people than you have made me recover this much. Thanks! 🙂

I would have felt best if f had shown up again, but maybe it would have been too good. I have given him up.


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