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TOEFL Writing Optional Homework 1 -revised-


Task: Summarize the following passage



(1) Global warming, combined with population increase and rapidly rising standard of living as a result of globalization, is worsening the problem of food shortage. (2) For example, because of rising temperature, flora and fauna in each area on this planet have been changing and affecting agriculture. Farmers are starting to have difficulty growing the same crops in the same ways as in the past. Studies on new types of crops more suitable to new weather patterns are devastatingly behind the speed of climate change and governments have not seriously started funding these studies. (3) The number of inundated fields due to rising sea level or flood is increasing, and water shortage caused by desertification, extremely rapid thawing of glacier, or drought caused by climate change is already happening. (4) It is clear that many parts of the world will have more difficulty providing people with enough food.
(Paragraph Three, Essay for Ideas and Expressions, Lesson 2 Supplement)


Sample Summary

☆Numbers in the passage above correspond to the summery numbers below.

(1) Food shortage is becoming a serious issue due to global warming, population increase, and rapidly rising standard of living.

(2) Steep temperature rise is beginning to require us to change ways we farm, but measures have not been taken.

(3) Fields are being damaged by the rising sea level and flood, water shortage is a concern in many areas on earth because of desertification, rapid melting of glacier, and droughts.

(4) Therefore, food security will be a huge burden that humankind will bear in the near future.

Note: Among the world’s shrinking glaciers, those in the Himalayas seem to be among the robust exceptions. By 2100, Radić says, the European Alps could lose 50–90% of their glacial ice. The Caucasus Mountains could see a 45–90% decline and in New Zealand’s ranges the figure could be 60–85%. (Nature Online, January 9, 2011)


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