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TOEFL integrated writing sample anwer 1 -partly rewritten-


Summarize the points in the lecture you just heard explaining how they contrast with the attitudes expressed in the text passage.

Sample Response:
The points of the lecture is diagonally opposite from that of that text passage. The speaker says that rout learning has its benefits in many ways, while the text introduces a school of educators who are negative about the effect of rout learning.

The progressive educators in the text material argue that one can only learn by connecting new information with already learned knowledge and thus rout learning will hinder effective learning. Therefore, they encourage children’s social activities and discourage automatic memorization.

The speaker says that learning speeches and poems by heart will instill ideals of civilization in children’s minds. Also, by memorization, they will develop sensitivity for the meaning of each word and phrase and they can learn wisdom from the text material, which will be their life-long asset. He also says that through rout learning, children can enhance their language skills such as using complex sentence structures, increasing vocabulary, and language comprehension. He adds that rout learning will develop their memory, attention span, and sense for rhyme and meter.
(171 words)

第1段落  LectureとTextの違い
第2段落  Textの要約
第3段落  Lectureの要約


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