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Supersonic/Electronic Weapon 不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)


2012/04/14 (Sat) Went to bed around 1:40 Slept from 2:10-6:50 (4.5 hrs).

1:48 3 e-shocks to brain (became stronger one after another)

–       2:00 2-3 e-shocks to brain

2:00 1 fit of right toes

2:04 1 fit of left sigh

6:51 the game/car-like noise

7:43 1 e-shock to brain

7:46 1 fit of left hand placed under head

7:49 1 e-shock to brain + the noise Goh form the next room (202)

got up around 7:30

8:00 -10:00 used PC and got the sensation of after-concussion when finished using PC


Had classes from 13:30 -18:55, couldn’t leave, answering questions from students, till around 19:40, and left the office around 19:50. Got to my station around 21:00 and stayed at the fast food restaurant till 21:50, bought food and got home a little past 22:00.


Students who hung around pointed out I was wearing a suit unlike usual. I wore a suit, actually a skirt and a jacket which look like a suit, for spring classes.

— If I recall how I ended up with the style that caught those girls’ eyes, I remember I chose a shirt first because I had been wearing high-neck T shirts of the same design in slightly different colors for more than I month. The ironed shirts were white ones and a striped one. The cardigan that looked not worn out through winter was in my memory the charcoal black one. So I chose the striped shirt. When I put on the charcoal black cardigan, I found it did not match the blue stripes, strangely but truly the subtle tint in the blue went against the charcoal black, so instead, I chose the blue jacket, which I had worn with the shirt before and I knew they match. I could have worn a gray winter jacket, but the matching skirt has a little tight waist size and because I was wearing a thick white T-shirt under the shirt to cut off nasty middle-aged males’ stare, the waist-tight skirt was out. Also, as I had done my hair, I was not going to take-off everything and wear something else. Besides, I looked better than winter clothing and found no problem in going to the office where I have the largest number of classes…Honestly, I think I should use this time of writing about how I chose my stupid and nerdy clothing for making teaching materials… ;).




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