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Supersonic/Electronic Weapon 不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)


2012/04/06 (Fri) Went to bed around 0:36 Slept form 0:50-5:50 ( 5 hrs).
0:38 1 e-shock to bran + the noise Goh from below the floor + fit of the upper lip
0:40 1 e-shock to brain (strong) + fit of right thumb
0:41 1 e-shock to brain + fit of left ring finger
0:44 1 e-shock to brain (strong) + fit of head (strong) , which swang strongly
5:47 the noises in my head suddenly became loud and wavy
Got up, took medicine, and used PC for a while.
7:09 1 fit of brain
— some unnatural coughs by a middle-aged male near my apartment building
7:14 1 e-shock to brain + the noise Goh
7:25 1 fit of left leg

Had a lesson (15:00-16:20) at Chofu. Came straight back to my station, bought food, and got home. Cooked soup for the next several days. Took a bath, ate, and read and watched YouTube about Murano Togo, while trying to find if he had planned the building of the old building of the university I graduated from. Though it seemed that he was not the architect, I could see the pictures of the buildings like those I used to see on the street of Osaka when I used to live there, more than 25 years ago. I used to walk to rebuild my mind after suffering from eating disorder. My place was about 20 minutes from Umeda. I would often walk more than an hour, walking mainly around the business district and checking the map to see where I was afterwards. Many of those buildings have already been demolished for development. It cannot be helped, but I miss the street view.

NTT is having problems in installing fiber optic cables to my apartment building because my apartment company has its own broadband cables. I sometimes use the Internet for work and I do not want to use the private broadband for the purpose.


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