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Supersonic/Electronic Weapon 不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)


2012/04/05 Went to bed around 0:50 Slept from 2:00-2:30 + 4:20-7:10 (0.5 + 3 hrs).
1:01 1 e-shock to brain
1:04 1e-shock to brain (strong)
1:05 1 e-shock to brain (strong) + fit of the whole body
1:07 2 fits of left fingers which touched lips
1:16 1 e-shock to brain + fit of left arm placed under head
1:30 1 e-shock to brain + the noise Goh from room 202
1:38 1 e-shock + Goh
1:43 1 e-shock + fit of right knee
1:45 1 e-shock to the right brain + Goh
1:50 1 e-shock to brain
2:35 game/car-like noise which hurt my eardrums
2:41 1 e-shock to brain + pain of eardrums + nousia — wore earmuffs
— stomachache + medicine
3:52 1 e-shock to brain + fit of upper lip
4:11 1-e-shock to brain + flash
4:14 1 e-shock to brain
7:14 noises in my brain suddenly became very loud and wavy
7:19 1 fit of head which swang sideways
7:28 1 e-shock + fit of left leg
7:53 1 e-shock of left hand
7:55 1 e-shock + fit of right leg
8:09 1 e-shock +fit of left hand
8:23 1 e-shock
8:27 1 e-shock + fit of right leg
8:43 1 e-shock + the noise Goh when I was sitting leaning forward face down supported by both arms

Had a lesson (15:00-16:20) at Chofu. Came straight back to my station and stayed at the fast food restaurant marking essays till around 19:00.

I’ll probably be assigned class(es) at Yotsuya on Tuesdays (or Fridays) starting 17th.

Kept yawning all day…
Yesterday, I had few e-shocks and enough sleep in years and the last 3 or 4 days wee rather attack-free. Probably because of that, even I had had little sleep last night, I looked a little better than usual today. But I dropped my drink, watering the floor at the counter of the fast food shop.
I’m not a type who likes acting tragedy and born and grew up to be funny, so it might be hard to believe I am suffering, but I’m actually really seriously in trouble. Please, help me.
— I think I should write please continue to help me, because things have improved a lot. The attacks that cause fits that shake my whole body seldom happen these days. I am still alive. I thank you helping me. The reason why I am not still free from this situation is probably partly because of my character and behavior and partly because of some reason I do not know. My guess is that there are addicts, abuse addicts, and those who are really crazy, and if a wild guess is allowed, those who have some interest, for some reason.

The umbrellas are still hanging outside of the next room, the same view as I used to see at my previous apartment building, the second place I had moved into since these attacks started.


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