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Supersonic/Electronic Weapon 不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)


2012/03/21 (Wed)
Went to bed around 1:00. Slept from 1:00-3:30 + 6:00-8:00 (2.5 + 2 hrs), prevented from going back to sleep again.

Did house work and revised class supplements. I’m going out to take copies of some of the marked mock test essays and prepare for work, and if possible to supplement sleep, at the fast food restaurant.

Right when I took out from the closet a new long sleeved T-shirt with small red flower patterns which is the only one I have that is good for a 25-minute brisk walk in today’s weather, a sunny and warm early spring day, the phone rang. It was NTT asking about my apartment company’s phone number to make sure it can install fiber optic cables to change my internet contract into the fastest one. I’m going out in ten minutes or so.

The details and the rest of the record: 
3:30 the noises in my head became loud and wavy and I woke up.
4:02 1 fit of left leg (strong)
4:07 1 fit of left shoulder
4:28 unnatural cough of a middle-aged male near my building
4:43 1 fit of my left ring finger placed under face (I was sitting leaning forward)
5:05 1 e-shock to my brain
5:40 1 fit of butt
7:56 ticklish feeling like insects running around mouth
8:00 1 fit of a muscle on the face line in front of the right ear
8:06 woke up with my own snore
8:211 fit of left leg
8:38 a noise that sounded like somebody open a door and go out in the next room right behind my bookshelf which is far from the front door of both rooms
8:23 1 fit of left thumb placed under face

Did walking for 25 minutes, stayed at the fast food restaurant from around 15:40 to 17:20, took copies, and got home around 18:00. Took a nap for about 40 minutes. Woke up with several e-shocks and fits, the last of which was the fit of the muscles of my left lower leg, which felt like muscles were plucked by a steel stick, similar one I had on the back of my head when I woke up from the nap at the restaurant yesterday.

After taking a shower, I called home. My mother feels better. She took a bath today. She is enjoying seasonal foods sent from her maiden home and relatives. She said she likes the color of the pajamas I gave her and that took a picture in it. Her mind became slightly vague, enough to be free from the fear I think and hope, several days before she left the hospital.


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