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Supersonic/Electronic Weapon 不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)


2012/03/09 (Fri) Went to bed around 23:20. Slept from 0:00-4:30 + 7:00-9:30 (4.5 + 2.5 hrs).
23:46 e-shock (strong) x 1
23:47 noises of hitting the wall x 2+ shutting the curtain noise from 202
23:57 – incessant e-shocks
0:30 big fit of lower body, which swang from side to side x 1
0:33 left arm fit x 1
4:50 noises in my head became loud and wavy + game/car-like noise
- around 6:00 fit of left arm which was placed in the futon near my belly x 1
6:56 fit of right foot x 1
7:08 e-shock to head (strong) x 1
7:23 e-shock to head
7:28 fir of the index finger of left hand placed under my head x 1
(I moved my hands out and placed them in front of my face.)
7:29 fit of the pinky of my left hand which was with my right hand in front of my face x 1
(I placed my hands apart in front of my face.)
7:37 fit of left leg x 1
7:40 e-shock to head x 1
7:56 fit of lips x 1
7:57 fit of the right side (underside) of my face x 1

In the early afternoon, an NTT person came to see my slow ADSL and found no problem. He adjusted settings to stabilize the speed for the remote area.
Yesterday, I inquired NTT again about my sluggish downloading. They made sure that the speed between the station and my place was slow then and decided to send a person to see what is wrong like the last time. Although downloading was slow this morning, after noon, it became fast enough just like the last time. I had taken a video of downloading a YouTube video with many buffering, which was not the slowest. The NTT person admitted it was slow but did not seem to think the speed was seriously slow.

When the NTT person left, I said thank you but was still skeptical. Like the last time, the speed might become slow tomorrow, I was thinking. I’m sorry! Now, I’m starting to believe the problem has been fixed. Though partly I suspect my neighbor is doing something, like sneaking into my PC, meddling with settings, and tomorrow, the speed will be slow again.

After the NTT person left, I watched a Frontline video on Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster, walked to the next station to withdraw money, went to the area near my station, ate a sandwich at another coffee shop, stayed there for 30 minutes, and prepared for classes at the fast food shop in the station for a few hours, and came home a little before 20:00.

Eating a sandwich at a coffee shop, I noticed three old men were looking at me with dirty smiles. I was in the back of the room from where almost everyone at tables could be seen. Several month ago, this would have made me move to a different seat or leave, but I told myself something (secret so that I could use this again) and I did not get upset. I forgot them and watched other people while eating. When I finished my sandwich, I noticed the three old men dropped the dirty smile, looking disappointed. This reminded me that the stares of such men and dirty expressions would often cause me to make mistakes like dropping a spoon or spilling coffee, which seemed to make them all the happier. They might have been expecting me to make such mistakes. They looked like three sullen cats. Honestly, I was happy to see my abusers unhappy and showed it to them. (I know this mentality is not praised and I am disgusted of myself, but I think that returning the stress to those who imposed it on you is better than to bully the weaker than you. “Get even, (やられたら、やりかえせ)” said a teacher of social studies (interestingly, a middle-aged male teacher) of one of the junior highs I went to.) Seeing the shop doesn’t allow customers to stay long and the man next to me turning his ankle and making me feel sick, I decided to leave and was about to get up when one of the old men made an action to leave. (That kind of men would often rush to my back when I was returning my tray.)Again, I was not affected and the man looked disappointed again. Anyway, their dirty smile was not as dirty as before. I’m using the word dirty not evil, which I usually and accurately use to describe the smile of my abusers. The difference is equivalent to that between pollen and radiation. I was and am glad from the bottom my heart that I do not cause the radioactive reactions in men anymore.

It is not clear but I might have a private lesson on either 14th ( ? -16:00) or 21st (between 13:00-16:00).

I’m going to visit my mother at a hospital in the suburban area of Osaka on Sunday.


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