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Supersonic/Electronic Weapon 不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)


2012/03/07 (Wed) Went to bed around 0:30 Slept from 0:30-4:00 + 8:00-10:00 (3.5 + 2 hrs).
E-shocks and fits when going to sleep.
Around 4:00 game/car-like noise + noises in my head loud and wavy
Between 4:00-7:30Got up and revised some blogs.
From 8:00 till a fell asleep again, incessant e-shocks and fits for a while.
Around 10:00, woke up with blinking of my eyes and the pressure in sync with the blinks in the back of my eyes.

Feeling of concussion after getting up

Note: It is a trivial thing again and taking notes about it might be abnormal, but the situation I’m in now, the situation this blog records is abnormal, so I just take notes things that sticks to my mind as much as possible.
On 2012/02/23 (Thu), I left for the fast food restaurant after it got really dark, which was unusual for me.
> The rest of the record: Worked on a class supplement on PC in the afternoon. Did some paper work at the fast food restaurant from 18:30 -22:00. Bought food and came home a little before 22:30.

Although I have written some reasons I go out in the late afternoon: my room light is not light enough and people are less annoying after 17:00, there was another reason. The day before, I also went out and stayed there from18:00-21:25 for the reasons above according to the record. While I was there, the atmosphere was very nice. A man of 60-75/80 years of age, was in the corner from where my whole body could be seen, but he did not seem to be a bother. Rather, for some reason, he sounded nice and seemed to be favorable to me. He seemed to have called for or be waiting for someone. A couple hours later, two young men came. One of them sounded like one of the two people who were playing something like Shogi on the 31st of December last year. The old man offered his seat to them a few times, and they accepted. The young men started Shorgi or something. The old man left a little later. A few hours past, and when I got up to leave a little before 21:30, one of the Shogi men said, “What are we going to do? (どうしよ)” I stopped for a second. Then he made a happy chuckle. Probably he was almost cornered by his opponent but found a way out, I thought. I bundled up and left my seat. Leaving the room, as had become my habit, I looked back to see if f was there (I know I’m kind of obsessed). I was surprised to see there were more people than I had noticed coming in. I saw a young man sitting in another back corner looking at me and looking very sad. I went down the stairs and at the point where I had to pass to get out of the restaurant stood a young man with a young woman. He was facing me, although he was not exactly looking at me. He looked upset and murmuring something. I passed him and went out. He kept staring the same direction. On my way home, I started feeling that it was wrong that I did not stay till 22:00.The next day, I stayed there till a little before 22:00. (That old man seems to be a retiree, and I think I often see him. He is usually there during the day. If I am not wrong, he was there yesterday, too, and left before or when the man who sounded like f came in. I remember guessing he was/had been am architect over hearing what he was saying, loudly.)


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