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Supersonic/Electronic Weapon 不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)


2012/03/06 (Tue) -2 Went to bed at 1:17. Slept from 1:30-3:00 + 6:10-8:10 (1.5 + 2 hrs).
3:11 game/car-like noise
5:25 1 e-shock (slicing sensation in my brain)
5:43 1 e-shock to head + fit of upper right leg
5:51 1 fit of lower right leg
6:10 1 e-shock (strong) to head and arms folded under head
8:18 game/car-like noise
incessant e-shocks and/fit for a while after 6:10 and 8:18

The feeling like something is sticking in my throat when I swallow my saliva started a few hours after I got up.

13:00 Tried to sleep again but gave up soon because of the noise from the next room which showed someone is in there.

The rest of the record: Marked essays and tried to supplement sleep at the fast food restaurant in the station between 14:00 and 21:45, bought food, and came home a little past 22:00.

While at the fast food restaurant, I tried to sleep twice but was unable to. Got e-shocks to my head twice. I saw two women using a cell phone or had a cell phone placed near her right after the shocks.

Around 20:00, when I was working with an essay, a male sat two seats away from me. He was out of my sight but I could hear him. He spoke like f to the person of the shop in a voice like f, but I could tell he was not f. If he was f, I do not know f. Also, if he was f, he would have talked to me. He was alone, and I was sitting in a way that attracts attention, in the corner of an L shaped counter facing the corner. In 20 minutes or so, he left. It seemed that he was saying something to someone at the stairs. And some seconds later, some male voice, which sounded upset, came up from below. I never expected to see f just because I had written “To f (20),” saying I would stop going to the restaurant soon. If I were you and read it, I would have kept quiet and seen what I was up to, to see whether I was doing this thinking I can lure you out by this move.

— To f,

I just noticed that I cannot continue to go to the fast food restaurant in my station on the days I put up several weeks ago when it becomes too warm to wear a long coat and thick long skirt. This is because of the harassment I have been experiencing and for which I asked you advice before. To avoid abusers, going to the same place around the same time on the same day is the last thing I should do. So far, heavy winter clothes have helped me keep my mind stable but I do not think I can if I start wearing lighter things mainly because of the stares I have been suffering from.

As for this act of waiting for you, I didn’t really believe you would come see me, I should have been given up long time ago, there are a few other ways that you could contact me if you have the will anyway, and in case that there is, if any, a reason you want to but cannot come see me, you would not be happy imagining I am surrounded by men who have an unusual and unthinkable obsession with my thigh or bust or those who enjoy behaving that way when I am not wearing heavy clothes.

I knew this act itself was strange but thinking the situation was a little unusual, I gave it a try. I am sorry if this has caused trouble to you.

Thank you for everything. Although there was not much fun, I am happier than I was one year ago. Had it not been for your being irritated or angry about me, I wouldn’t be so open as now. (There are some cases that I do still don’t understand why you were angry that much. I think there was a misunderstanding.)

To people who are nice and kind,
Since I started openly care for f, I met many people who helped me out. I have never seen people with such beautiful expressions. Thank you very much. I wish I could have become closer to f and you.

(Maybe I’m too sensitive, but right after I started writing this, a cell phone noise was heard a few times behind the wall of where I am sitting. Incidentally, cell phones seldom go off in the next room, and I think they went off a few times when there was a move in my actions.)









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