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Supersonic/Electronic Weapon 不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)


2012/03/05 (Mon) Went to bed around 23:30 of last night. Slept from 23:30-4:30 + 5:00-7:30 + 8:00-9:00 (5 + 2 + 1 hrs). A few electric shocks and/or fits each time I was falling asleep.

The rest of the record: Had a class (17:00-18:40) at Shibuya. Finished class around 19:00, left school a little past 19:00, stayed at the fast food shop from a little past 20:00 to around 21:45. Bought food and came home around 22:15.

I was reading my records in the past and noticed that I did not go to the fast food restaurant on February 11th (Sat). Sorry I forgot to go to the fast food shop this day despite the announcement I made before that I make sure to go there on Saturdays. I remember there were several reasons. I had no classes that day while usually I drop by the restaurant on my way home from Yotsuya branch. I had not gotten well from the cold/flue and was too lethargic to go out and sit straight among other people. While I was sick, Michael Moore was the only human I had the closest contact with, and when I finished his book, I could think of nothing other than watching his movie. And those electric attacks, which were especially terrible when I had a high fever, just made my sense different from usual. Maybe I was feeling abandoned a little, I guess. I don’t know. Sorry for not saying sorry right after that, if anyone was wondering why.

Addition: 2012/03/06 Now I remember why I didn’t go to the fast food restaurant on February 11th. I had forgotten that it was Saturday, after the several days of terrible cold/flue. That week was a mock test week and I had no lessons, other than a private lesson on Tuesday, which I gave when I still had a slight fever, cough, and back pain, andafter which I suffered again for two days, and thus I had a whole week off, and I was sick and alone, having no real conversation with anyone, all the time. I had forgotten what day it was. I now remember I noticed that it was Saturday late at night or the next day. I should have written the feeling of concern or regret right after I remembered, but I forgot that, too, even though it might be a ridiculous act to apologize when it is not clear if anyone is ever wondering this breach. (By the way, it is a trivial thing, but I never watch the poor rabbit scene of Roger & Me, though I always see a black man being shot, because unlike the rabbit scene it is unpredictable.)

I’m writing this because a noise, probably a car blast but also sounded like a computer game, woke me up, and the just remembered it and I think I will be prevented from sleeping again. So I decided to record this before I forget.

Why I stick to this particular day is that I have been looking at Google search result of this blog and February 11th, , which had never been on top, was on top, though it disappeared after I wrote about this day in the record prior to this

Note: Yesterday, (2012/03/04) a middle-aged man in a long sleeved camouflage T-shirt was talking on the phone rather loudly and in a tone of slight emergency right below my apartment door and right in front of the apartment gate when I was locking my room door to go out in the early afternoon. When I started going down the stairs, the man came into the property and started coming toward the stairs. This would have been enough to drive me back into my room a few month ago or in the evening, but since it was light and I wanted to be away from my neighbor(s) and solve the problem of sleep shortage (2.5 hours the night before) as soon as possible and I kept going down. The man came up the stairs. I kept my eyes fixed on him. He did not look like a threat. A little before he passed me, he bowed, which I did not return knowingly it was impolite but thinking it was stupid to pay respect to him if he was one of my abusers, the timing of his unnatural behavior increasing the possibility of his being one. He went into the room next to the next room of mine.


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