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Supersonic/Electronic Weapon 不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)


2012/03/04 (Sun) Went to bed a little before 1:00. Slept from 5:00-7:30 (2.5 hrs).
Hardly slept because of all night attacks.
Here is the record of the maniac activity.

1:06 3-4 electric shocks
1:17 an e-shock to head (strong)
1:18 2 e-shocks to head (weak and strong) + flash in eyes
1:33 1 e-shock to head (strong)
1:35 1 e-shock to head (strong) + fit of left shoulder
1:36 1 fit of left foot + the noise Goh
1:38 1 e-shock to head + fit of head
1:40 1 fit of both arms
1:41 1 fit of left hand (index finger)
1:43 1 fit of right hand fingers
1:47 1 fit of a left finger
1:48 1 e-shock of back of head
1:50 1 e-shock to head
1:52 e-shock to head
1:54 1 e-shock to head (strong) + fit of left leg
1:55 1 fit of waist and left leg
1:56 1 e-shock (strong) + teeth start feeling funny
2:02 1 fit of right arm
2:03 1 e-shock to head + a fit of left shoulder
2:06 1 fit to head
2:09 1 fit of right shoulder and right back
2:31 1 fit of upper body
2:33 1 flash in my eyes + the noise Goh
2:35 1 fit of left leg + head start feeling funny
2:37 1 fit of left foot (strong) +the noise Goh
2:39 1 e-shock to head + 1 fit of left leg (strong)
2:40 1 fit of left foot
2:44 1 e-shock to head which shut my jaw
2:46 1 very big fit of upper body
2:48 1 fit of left foot which made a noise when my foot moved suddenly in futon
2:52 1 e-shock to head and upper back
2:54 noises in my head became loud
2:56 the game/car-like noise became loud
-3:39 incessant e-shocks to head (the same frequency as before 2:56)
4:11 1 fit of left leg
-4:46 loud car blasts and engine noises
4:46 wore earmuffs to avoid the car noises and soon game/car-like noise became very loud and I took off the earmuffs
4:50 car-blasts and wore earmuffs again
4:55 1 e-shock between ears shook my head sideways, and I took off earmuffs
7:00 the noises in my head became loud
-8:00 got up typed in this record on the blog (I accidentally wiped it out and put it up the record of 3/3)
8:30 tried to sleep again and in 5 minutes a fit of left leg
8:46 1 e-shock (a little strong)
-around 9:00 kept sitting on the mattress, gave up trying to sleep, and got up.

11:11 (typed up this record again and put it up on the web)

Did household work and went to the fast food restaurant to supplement sleep loss in the afternoon.

(Added on the next day 2012/03/05 Note: Yesterday, (2012/03/04) a middle-aged man in a long sleeved camouflage T-shirt was talking on the phone rather loudly and in a tone of slight emergency right below my apartment door and right in front of the apartment gate when I was locking my room door to go out in the early afternoon. When I started going down the stairs, the man came into the property and started coming toward the stairs. This would have been enough to drive me back into my room a few month ago or in the evening, but since it was light and I wanted to be away from my neighbor(s) and solve the problem of sleep shortage (2.5 hours the night before) as soon as possible and I kept going down. The man came up the stairs. I kept my eyes fixed on him. He did not look like a threat. A little before he passed me, he bowed, which I did not return knowingly it was impolite but thinking it was stupid to pay respect to him if he was one of my abusers, the timing of his unnatural behavior increasing the possibility of his being one. He went into the room next to the next room of mine.…長期にわたる原因不明��-144/)

I tried to take a nap twice. I think I slept the first 40 minutes. Right after I started trying to sleep, I had a fit in my right leg. I looked around to see if anyone was holding a cell phone because I have noticed whenever I feel the electric shock or have a fit there in the restaurant, there are some people holding a cell phone, many of whom looking at me, but I couldn’t find any today. After that, I had neither e-shocks nor fits.

Although I was about to go home after 16:00, I expected that I was going to be attacked tonight and tried to sleep again. Sunday-Monday nights are almost always heavy-attack nights. I wasn’t able to sleep but being able to continually close my eyes made me feel better. At home, in 10 minutes after I close my eyes, e-shocks will come. Note: when I decided to stay and try to sleep again at the last moment and stopped clearing the table, taking the position of sleeping, one of the people who stood up at the same time I was getting to leave made a noise tch. I write this down just because it stood out in the very good atmosphere at that time. People had been very nice and polite all the time I was there.

In 10 minutes after I decided to stay some more time, high school boys came in. One of the boys started talking on his phone. He seemed to be talking with his teacher, reporting his entrance examination results. This reminded me of a student I cannot remember without feeling sorry. I was not able to take care of his study well last autumn and was not able to help him pass the exam of the university he wanted to go to even though he had enough ability. I know the result of the exam of another university he must have taken came out a little after the middle of last month. Although I have inquired about it, the people there didn’t seem to have gotten the information yet. Exams of other universities are still going on anyway. I hope he is doing well. Good luck, another f!
(To f and to nice and kind people)

Note: While I was at the fast food restaurant last night, two men spoke on the phone loudly, which hardly ever happens there. As far as I remember, it was the first time.

One young man kept talking loudly on the phone about how he/his acquaintance was having difficulty finding a job, that he has more difficulty in it than those with BA because he is a science major, and that the job-hunting may continue till May.

The other man of middle-old age kept talking loudly on the phone about what he did/didn’t at Kannai and repeated the word Kannai about 5 times.

Both of them left soon after they finished talking.


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