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Supersonic/Electronic Weapon 不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)


2012/03/04 (Sun) Went to bed a little before 1:00. Slept from 5:00-7:30 (2.5 hrs).
Hardly slept because of all night attacks.
Here is the record of the maniac activity.

1:06 3-4 electric shocks
1:17 an e-shock to head (strong)
1:18 2 e-shocks to head (weak and strong) + flash in eyes
1:33 1 e-shock to head (strong)
1:35 1 e-shock to head (strong) + fit of left shoulder
1:36 1 fit of left foot + the noise Goh
1:38 1 e-shock to head + fit of head
1:40 1 fit of both arms
1:41 1 fit of left hand (index finger)
1:43 1 fit of right hand fingers
1:47 1 fit of a left finger
1:48 1 e-shock of back of head
1:50 1 e-shock to head
1:52 e-shock to head
1:54 1 e-shock to head (strong) + fit of left leg
1:55 1 fit of waist and left leg
1:56 1 e-shock (strong) + teeth start feeling funny
2:02 1 fit of right arm
2:03 1 e-shock to head + a fit of left shoulder
2:06 1 fit to head
2:09 1 fit of right shoulder and right back
2:31 1 fit of upper body
2:33 1 flash in my eyes + the noise Goh
2:35 1 fit of left leg + head start feeling funny
2:37 1 fit of left foot (strong) +the noise Goh
2:39 1 e-shock to head + 1 fit of left leg (strong)
2:40 1 fit of left foot
2:44 1 e-shock to head which shut my jaw
2:46 1 very big fit of upper body
2:48 1 fit of left foot which made a noise when my foot moved suddenly in futon
2:52 1 e-shock to head and upper back
2:54 noises in my head became loud
2:56 the game/car-like noise became loud
-3:39 incessant e-shocks to head (the same frequency as before 2:56)
4:11 1 fit of left leg
-4:46 loud car blasts and engine noises
4:46 wore earmuffs to avoid the car noises and soon game/car-like noise became very loud and I took off the earmuffs
4:50 car-blasts and wore earmuffs again
4:55 1 e-shock between ears shook my head sideways, and I took off earmuffs
7:00 the noises in my head became loud
-8:00 got up typed in this record on the blog (I accidentally wiped it out and put it up the record of 3/3)
8:30 tried to sleep again and in 5 minutes a fit of left leg
8:46 1 e-shock (a little strong)
-around 9:00 kept sitting on the mattress, gave up trying to sleep, and got up.

11:11 (typed up this record again and put it up on the web)

Note: While I was at the fast food restaurant last night, two men spoke on the phone loudly, which hardly ever happens there. As far as I remember, it was the first time.

One young man kept talking loudly on the phone about how he/his acquaintance was having difficulty finding a job, that he has more difficulty in it than those with BA because he is a science major, and that the job-hunting may continue till May.

The other man of middle-old age kept talking loudly on the phone about what he did/didn’t at Kannai and repeated the word Kannai about 5 times.

Both of them left soon after they finished talking.

The rest of the record:…長期にわたる原因不明��-143


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