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Supersonic/Electronic Weapon 不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)


2012/02/17 (Fri) Went to bed around0:00. Slept from 0:30-3:30 + 4:00-5:00 + 8:30-9:30 (3 + 1 + 1 hrs).
At 3:52 noises in my head became loud and wavy suddenly. Also, the game/car-like noise became louder. It lasted till at least around 5:30.
At 6:00, The fingers of my right hand, which was on a small heater placed on my stomach, moved quickly as if they were playing piano.
At 6:06, an electric shock to my head
At 6:15, an electric shock to my head accompanied by the noise Goh which seemed to come from below the floor.
Around 6:30, an e-shock to my head
At 7:56, an e-shock to my head
At 7:59, an e-shock (stong) and a fit to my head
At 8:09, an e-shock to head
Around 9:30, woke up to the game/car-like noise and geometric patterns which were seen in my eyes and which were blinking every half a second. Had an eye sore and a headache.

Coughts have become lighter.
I make it a habit to wash my hands with soap all the time, especially when I come in from outside. Also, I had been gargling with medicine for weeks especially when I stayed outside for a long time. I almost always eat cooked meal at least for breakfast (eggs, fruit, yogurt, and bread/rice) and dinner, which is usually based on soup made of lots of vegetables and fish or meat. I try to sleep all the time when possible. I have been doing everything I can think of to stay healthy…

I’m going out for a class in Chofu (19:00-20:40)

On the way to Chofu, on Keio line, I first got on the very back of the train, but a huge male got on and started to hang down from the straps, swaying his butt. This was a bad sign. From more than 8 years of experience of intense collective harassment on the trains, I know this type will turn nasty once the doors are closed. Usually, he will start leaning his body towards me, cornering me into little space left. As at least four other people with cell phone standing around me were exerting evil aura, observed the next door to see if there was another weirdo there. There seemed to be none. I moved to the next door. Two guys there seemed to be offended by my presence. I wanted to say that I did not come here but escaped from there. It was a little annoying but does not matter anymore. I am too tired of everything these people do to be angry.

Arrived at Chofu a little past 17:00. Stayed at McDonald’s till a little past 18:00. I wanted to stay there longer because the atmosphere was good, but sometimes the private lesson starts earlier, so I went to work early.

Came back from work to my station 15 minutes before 22:00. Bought food and got home around 22:15.

A job offer dated February 16th was about an irregular, mainly daytime, three-day a week private lesson mainly for March. If it were not for the harassment which makes me short of sleep every night, I would have accepted it with pleasure, but doing this would shorten my life span. Every summer, when I cannot reject morning classes, I age 10 years….


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