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Supersonic/Electronic Weapon 不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)


2012/02/09 (Thu) My body temperature has come down to below 37 degrees. The following is the details of the nights since I caught a cold or the flu or whatever this windpipe-and-lung-loving bug is …

The last record, the one I took last night, would be a little frustrating to read, for it seems to show something maniac. It’s not me that is maniac, I hope, but the person(s) attacking me last night. The night before, taking notes of each assault seemed to deter the abuser and I did the same last night, and ended up filling a whole page (35 lines) of a notebook. I noticed the change, that taking notes is not deterring but arousing the abuser, in the middle and thought of giving it up, but thinking it is a good idea of taking a record of exactly how often I got attacks, I continued.

— 2012/02/05 (Sun) I have caught a cold. Last night I had a sore throat and this morning the cold was already in respiratory organs down the throat. I have a fever 37.8 C.

Details: Went to bed at 1:10. Slept from 1:30-4:30 + 6:30-9:51 (3 + 3.5 hrs).
At 1:16, game/car-like noise woke me up. At 1:20, an electric shock to my head. At 1:43, and electric shock. At 4:54, the game/car-like noise woke me up. At, 6:02, the game/car-like noise. At 10:14, an electric shock and sniffing behind the walls.

— 2012/02/06 (Mon) Slept from 22:00-23:00 of the 5th + 0:00-2:00 (1 + 2 hrs). The game/car-like noise all day and night.

On the afternoon of the 5th, I got cold medicine and food, and right after coming home took cold medicine and went to bed early in the evening. I had a fever of 37.8 ℃. I could not sleep, so I read for an hour or so and tried to sleep again. I got lots of electric shocks. I put LED light in my ears and attacks got much fewer. Attacks on my vocal cord, making me huff and/or make strange sound. Electric shocks with fits.
―All of them continued all nights. The strength and frequency were both higher than usual.

— 2012/02/07 (Tue) Slept from 3:30-5:30 + 7:30-8:30 (2 + 1 hrs). Had a fever of 37.2 ℃. Strong electric shocks to head and chest, which made me huff and/or make strange sound all night.

Got up around 14:00, got ready, and went to Chofu. Had a class (17:30-18:50), left school around 19:00, and came back to my station around 20:00. Stayed at the fast food restaurant, as I was not coughing and felt better, till 21:00, bought food, and got home.

―It is possible that even while I got up and was walking around the room the assaults were taking place over these two nights. I had the same sensations in my head while I was upright. But I’m not sure because I might have had that sensation because of fever.
―Early in the morning, after perceiving a shock that felt like my brain was sucked down to the floor and dragged out from shallow sleep, I heard somebody get off something right below me, land on the floor, and walk away in the room below.

2012/02/08 (Wed) Went to bed around 0:00. Slept from 2:30-4:30 + 4:30 -6:30 + 7:00-9:00 (2 + 2 + 2 hrs). Still sick. 37.4 ℃.

Stayed home all say. Did washing. Stayed in bed, reading and resting. When tried to sleep, e-shocks came and prevented from sleeping. Felt much better but couldn’t sit still for a long time and work.

Between 0:00 and 2:00, game/car-like noise and strong electric shocks to head, fits of my legs and head, piercing pains in arm and legs, which were clearly different from those you have in joints and muscles when you have a cold and a fever, and electric shocks that made my voice out in strange ways.
Around 2:00, I put LEDs in my both earholes. Also, some people walked talking rather loudly in front of my apartment building. Right after this, the attacks became dramatically less strong and frequent. (My note sais “stop(ped)”. But in my memory there were at least some weak electric shocks several times before I fell asleep.)
At 4:30, the game/car-like noise. I wore earmuffs and the noise became or felt louder, so I took them off and instead turned the air conditioner on so that the vibration of the machine would cancel the noise. It worked, I felt better, and fell asleep.
At 6:30, a strong e-shock to head twice.
At 6:32, a strong e-shock to right leg.
At 9:09, the game/car-like noise woke me up.
―My note says: (about the 6:30 e-shock,) the same strength probably the e-shocks I got while I had fever. Although I thought they were stronger, I couldn’t be sure that because I had fever, felt dizzy, and had a cough. At, 13:58, a rather weak e-shock when falling asleep.

2012/02/09 (Thu) As I have written up above, the following record is a little frustrating to read, at least for me, because it seems to show some maniac character of the person(s) who are and/or were doing this. (I almost gave up taking notes because I got tired of this but since I had not work for the rest of this week and I just wanted to see how many times I got attacked, I continued to take notes. Here I can see what I usually write “incessant attacks” or “attacks every 3 to 5 minutes” are like.)

Went to bed at 0:00. 37.3 ℃. Slept from 2:30-3:50 + 4:00-5:00 + 5:00-6:00+ 7:30-9:56 (1.5 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 2.5 hrs). The game/car-like noise all night.

At 0:47, e-shocks from below the floor the floor without pain or fit to waist twice with noise Goh
At 0:54, an e-shock from below the floor the floor to my head without pain with the noise Goh which felt like I was hit on the head
At 1:06, an e-shock to head with pain, rather strong, close to the strength of those of the attacks I got in the last three nights
At 1:08, e-shocks to head with pain, rather strong, twice
At 1:12, an e-shock to head, like my head had a hiccup
At 1:15, an e-shock and a fit to my lower body, strong
At 1:16, an e-shock which made me huff, from below the floor, with the noise Goh, strong
At 1:20, an e-shock which made me flow all the air in my lungs through my noises, an extremely big one
At 1:23, the same type as I had at 1:20 + a big fit of my upper body + making me make a strange voice
At 1:25, an 1-shocks like a blow which made me huff + making me make a strange voice
At 1:27, an e-shock which made me huff and make a strange voice
At 2:30, the same type as I had at 1:27

At 3:52, the noises in my head became loud and wavy and I woke up.

At 5:02, an e-shock to head, medium strength

At 6:00, e-shocks to head a few times, felt like blows, with the noise Goh
At 6:18, an e-shock to head, medium strength, from below the floor
At 6:19, an e-shock which made me huff, from below the floor
At 6:22, a few e-shocks which brought a beam-like sensation to my ears + a strong e-shock + the noise Goh
At 6:24, an 2-shock which made me huff strongly and blow out all the air in my stomach, in other words, had the same effect that I had my stomach hit
At 6:33, four consecutive e-shocks which felt like beams in my head and blows to my head + the noise Goh
At 6:35, an e-shock which felt like I had my stomach hit, middle strength + the noise Goh
At 6:39, an e-shock to my lower stomach + fit + the noise Goh
At 6:45, an e-shock to my head which made my jaw shut, strong
At 6:48, an e-shock to my ear + Goh, strong
At 6:51, an e-shock to my right ear, which was facing the next room, the vibration of the shock came from the next room + the noise Goh
At 6:58, an e-shock from below the floor to my left stomach + the noise Goh
At 7:00, an e-shock and a fit to my left knee + the noise Goh, very strong
At 7:04, and e-shock to my head which was the same as the one I got at 6:51
At 7:08, an e-shock to my head, weak
At 7:09, an e-shock to my head, sharp and strong, on my starting a falling asleep breath
At 7:19, an e-shock to my lower body + the noise Goh
At 7:23, an e-shock to my head and ears, rather strong

―I missed records of a few attacks as far as I remember, but not more than that, I think.
―Was this person(s) trying to break a record or something? Like establishing a “record” of attacking me non-stop all night?
―As I was typing this record, I remembered how I was during those hours. In the middle of night, I started recalling conversations with f I had around this time of last year, remembering what f was like and what I was like… 🙂 And I was taking notes habitually between the memory every time I was attacked.

Went out to buy medicine and food in the evening.


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