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Supersonic/Electronic Weapon 不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)


2012/02/01 (Wed) Went to bed at 0:25. Slept from 1:10:4:40 + 7:30-9:00 (3.5 + 1.5 hrs).
After woken up early in the morning, I was prevented from falling asleep again till around 7:30. The details are as follows:
At 0:53, a strong shock and fit in the upper body accompanied by a noise Goh. About 10 seconds later, the same thin but a little weaker happened. At 0:56, an electric shock that felt like slashing my brain. At 1:02, a beam-like sensation in my head. At 1:04, an electric shock and fit to my head. At 4:40, the game/car-like noise which first seemed to come from the next room but later seemed to come from far away. At 4:52, an electric shock. Also an annoying car blast in the neighborhood, not close but not really far away. At6:15, an electric shock and sound Goh. At 6:41, an alarm clock noise from below. At 6:44, a loud and unnatural coughs of a middle-aged male from below my window twice. At 6:46, the alarm noise from below. At 6:51, the alarm again. At 7:07, an electric shock. At 7:20, a big electric shock of my ankle and a beam-like sensation in my brain (earhole). At 9:15, I was prevented from falling asleep by either the loud and wavy noises in my head or something else.

Sleepy and a slight feeling of after-concussion with funny feeling in my teeth.

Now it’s 12:23. I’ll do some housework and probably work on my PC and then will go out to the fast food restaurant later.

After working on a class supplement for 30 minutes, I noticed a loud noise had been coming from the next room for a while. (I had been listening to walkman wearing earmuffs.) I made sure the noise did not exist outside. When I turned on my air-conditioner, the noise was a little louder than my air-conditioner, and once made some uncomfortable noise mixing with the noise of my air-conditioner. It sounds like an air-conditioner but too loud and I do no remember having heard it before. While typing this record, the noise was gone. I turned off my air-conditioner, and the noise is still there but not so loud as before. Now it’s 14:11. I’m going out.

I’m about to go out and the noise has just stopped. (14:20)

Stayed at the fast food restaurant from around 14:30 to 19:00. Read a part of a textbook for 30 minutes or so and spent the rest reading Michael Moore’s autobiography.

It seems to have been more people who are aggressive and behaving strangely near me, especially before 17:00, at the restaurant since yesterday, but I’m not sure.

To f,
It is a little too serious and might make you doubt my mental health, but I have been having a feeling that it is better for me to make the following clear. I trust you. I do not think you are making fun of me, and if you just disappear, it is just because you are not interested in me.

And if you still care about me. I would like you to trust me.

Why I say this is because when I remember you saying or doing something that was not like you, I think there must have been misunderstanding-―even though taking other factors such as the situation where you wanted to get rid of me into consideration-―, sometimes a huge one. I had not done anything bad to you and you once assured it when I asked. Although of course on a delicate level I was far from good, as I was not honest about my feelings about you in front of you, and to myself for a long time, probably for too long a time. But I have never lied to you, at least intentionally―I had thought keeping contact with my sisters includes only exchanging New Year’s cards and said yes when you asked about it, but after I realized it does not in the sense you said―, never been indecent in private, other than yelling at abusers, or never tried to make fun of you.

I do not think I have a delusion. I have read a little here and there, and probably have witnessed, that there are people and companies that use “sophisticated” ways to make people and individuals hate each other at many levels of life. (I know a person who told other people that I had made friends with TOEIC personnel and was getting information of TOEIC questions used in the past, for example, which of course is not true. If I had been such a “friendly” person, I would not have been in this mess in the first place.)

When my old friends changed their attitudes suddenly, saying someone else is saying something about me, I thought that if they wanted to believe in what others were saying, let them go. But I do not want you to go for this reason, with different image about me.

By the way, if you ever let me see you again, please remember that my eye-sight is bad and sometimes I cannot tell who the person three meters away from me is. I don’t wear glasses because my eyesight changes day to day. My eyesight was good when I was young, so I was supposed to become far-sighted but I have become near-sighted over the past eight years. A doctor explained that the start of my near-sightedness coincided with the aging of my eyes. I have no problem in putting thread in the needle hole but see four eyes on a person’s face and often see only the outline depending on the circumstance and my condition. So I apologize beforehand in case I cannot, or couldn’t (?), recognize you. Last Monday (23rd) night, at my station, there was a person who walked like you, but was not wearing things I was familiar with came close to me, but I ignored him because there are still weirdoes that enjoy rushing to me probably as part of the harassment I have been taking records of in this blog. I’m sorry if it should have been you. Although I was sure at that time that it was not you and still believe my hunch… 🙂

Also, I do not think a YouTube channel that has your name in its username about which I told you last summer is yours anymore. Recently I had come to believe it was yours because of some moves it made. I probably will not see it and also not a related video site. Of course if it was actually yours, it would be fine. But I do not think I will see it at least till I see real you.


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