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To f (11)


2012/01/18 (Wed)
Mentally, I’m fine.
Wishing people who are taking entrance exams, taking final exams, or writing thesis and people who have been kindly nice to me these days health and good luck. 🙂

2012/01/19 (Thu)
Did household work and now typing this record (at 13:40). I’m going out to the next station area to get a coffee pot. When I turned around bundled-up in my small kitchen, I accidentally touched my glass coffee pot placed on a low shelf and caused it to have a dive on to a one-coin-shop mug which was innocently stronger than it last night. I made coffee using a cooking pot this morning but because of its heavy weight it did not work well. I want to walk around for exercise anyway. 🙂

2012/01/20 (Fri)
—To f,
I hope you are fine, wishing you health and good luck. 🙂


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