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To f (4)


— To f,
Around 17:30 at the restaurant, somebody sitting behind me made a noise mixed with voice, which sounded like yours, f. Since I knew you do not live in my area, I did not look. Although for a second I thought of stealing a look at the person. Thinking, maybe for some reason you are here in the old residential area located on the other side of Tokyo from your town. – I happen to know vaguely whereabouts of your area because I remember a tutor telling you that he had seen you on the river bank near xxx station being, sort of, mobbed by middle aged women with dogs in summer. Though I still can’t tell where Gifu prefecture is – But what if he is not you, I told myself. I would give the look to a total stranger, and in such a case, the stranger is almost always a pervert, looking into my eyes, smiling. The same when I pass a tall slim person in a dark street. React, look, … oops! Well, anyway, after the person left, I was a little bit down because I, frozen, had no courage to see the person. What if he was you. I hated myself about that. I took a rest for a while and went home. Other customers were very gentle, even seemed to soothe me …

It’s none of my business, but I guess this time of year you are busy… Take care 🙂


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