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Class Supplement, TOEIC Part 5, Grammar Practice



1. We don’t know if the customer will accept our offer. What will you say if he —– no?
A) said B) will say C) had said D) says

2. The customer is going to accept the offer. But what would you say if he —– no?
A) said B) will say C) had said D) is going to say

3. The weatherman is not sure whether it will rain or not tomorrow. If the weather —– fine tomorrow, I will do it for you tomorrow afternoon.
A) were B) was C) is D) will be

4. It’s raining. If the weather —– fine today, I would go check the construction site.
A) were B) is C) will be D) has been

5. Ken was going to ask for a one-month leave. We don’t know what the supervisor said to him about the leave.
What do you think Ken said if the supervisor —– no?
A) said B) will say C) says D) is going to say

6. I would not be still doing this job if it —– for the customers who enjoy our products.
A) isn’t B) were not C) has not been D) had been

7. If the tech had still been in our office then, he —– to our project a lot.
A) would have contributed B) will contribute C) would contribute D) contributed

8. If the computer —– invented, it would take years to do this job.
A) wasn’t B) hadn’t been C) wouldn’t be D) wouldn’t have been

9. It is crucial that it —– done at once.
A) be B) were C) being D) will be

10. If you —– unable to make it to the meeting held this evening, would you contact us as soon as possible?
A) would be B) were C) should be D) will be


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