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Supersonic/Electronic Weapon 不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)


2011/11/21 (Mon) Slept from 2:00-8:00 (6 hrs). Put the steel pot sideways when I put it over my head to cover the almost all its side facing the next room. I felt some heavy vibrations on one spot of the pot once or twice, but I did not feel any electric shocks. I do not remember having a fit either.

Went to a dentist to see if one of my back teeth which cracked one and a half years ago has a problem or not, which did not. Spent three hours at the fast-food restaurant at the station, and took a round trip walking to the next station for exercise because I hadn’t moved my body well for about a week because of the no-regular—lesson-week schedule and a cancellation of private lesson.

After taking out things for recycling in front of my apartment building in the evening, unsure if I had locked the door, I hopped the yard in three steps and jumped on to the second or the third step of the stairs, for the first time in years, I mean me moving my body this way. I have been afraid of doing this because of sleep deprivation.


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