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Class Supplement (TOEFL Essay Writing, Important things to consider in deciding where to live)


Writing Topic:
There are many factors involved when you choose a place to live. Location, facilities, appearance, price, size and many other factors are of different relative importance to different people. What are the most important points for you to consider when choosing a place to live? Include specific examples and reasons to help justify your choice.

The question uses plural “points”, not singular “point”, so you can mention more than one point for you to consider.

Number the following factors from 1 to 6 in the order of your priority.
□ price/rent (cheap, reasonable, expensive, etc.)
□ location (proximity to school/work/a big city, etc.)
□ environment (neighbors, quiet, street lights, etc.)
□ size (compact, average, huge, many bedrooms, a large yard, etc.)
□ facilities (kitchen, bathroom, insulation, solar panel, earthquake-resistant, etc.)
□ appearance (cool, pretty, luxurious, etc.)

☆Ideas and Expressions
Location and neighborhood:
1. The location is my top priority in deciding where to live. Since I am socially active, I need to live in a place located within a 30-minute train ride from downtown.
2. If the place is too close to the station, the noises of the passing trains and other traffic would be intolerable, so that a place located around a 10-minute walk from the station would be nice.
3. Living a carefree, laid-back life in the countryside is my dream.
4. I hope to live in a community where neighbors have close relationships.

1. If I cannot afford an apartment in a good neighborhood with decent facilities, I would sacrifice the comfortable living environment for the lower rent, since I have to finish my study at any cost and working for comfortable living environment is out of the question now.
2. Even if I were in a fortunate situation in which I didn’t have to worry about the rent, I don’t think I would try living in a stylish, state-of-the-art urban condominium. There are many other things I would like to try and the place to live (in) is the last thing I am concerned about.

☆One-paragraph Essay
Let’s write a one-paragraph essay on this topic before writing a full essay.

【Introduction】 Price, location, and minimum facilities are the three most important things to consider when I decide where to live.
【The first priority】 Lower rent is the top priority of my apartment-hunting because I need to save money.
【The second priority】 I also need to consider the location because I go out almost every day.
【The third priority】 Although I do not fancy a big place with a large garden, I want to live in a place with a kitchen and a bathroom, for diet and hygiene are the basics of life.
【Counter-argument】Of course if the place looks pretty and is located in a good neighborhood, it would be better, but, since I do not spend a lot of time at home, I do not really care about the appearance or environment.
【Conclusion】 As long as I can live conveniently enough at a reasonable price, I am happy no matter where the place is and no matter how it looks.

Your one-paragraph essay

【The first priority】

【The second priority】

【The third priority】




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