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Class Supplement,TOEFL Essay, Eating at Home or Eating Out?


☆Writing Topic
Many people like to eat in restaurants on a regular basis. Others would rather eat at home, except on rare occasions. Which approach to dining habits do you choose and why? Support your essay with details and examples.

☆Hints for points
Eating at Home:
1. healthy
2. economical
3. flavor of Mom’s cooking
4. relaxing
5. interaction with family
6. passing down culture and tradition
Counter-argument: getting tired of eating the same thing every day
Counter-counter-argument: Eating out only once in a while will make the event more enjoyable (e.g. birthday “spice of life” “less is more2)
Eating Out:
1. saves time
2. tastes better
3. variety
4. social life (people, manners)
Counter-argument: unhealthy
Counter-counter-argument: health-conscious restaurants

Now let’s practice paragraph development
【Main Idea】 Eating at home is better for your health than eating out.
【Explanation】 You can use fresh and safe ingredients.
【Detail / Example】 For example, when you prepare food, you buy ingredients at a store of your own choice right before you cook while restaurants often use frozen food.
【More Specific Detail / Example】 This is especially true in seasoning. At home, you can make broth from real bones or fish and use fresh spices, but restaurants often use ready-made soup stock which may contain synthetic additives and preservatives.
【Counter-argument & Counter-counter-argument】Of course, regulations on food have become tighter these days and eating out is not so unhealthy as before, but businesses always prioritize cutting costs to make profits and at least you know what you are eating when you prepare dishes for yourself.
【Conclusion】 By cooking for yourself, you can make sure that you stay healthy.
Your Sample Paragraph
Choose one of the good points of eating at home or eating out and write a paragraph following the format.

【Main Idea】


【Detail / Example】

【More Specific Detail / Example】

【Counter-argument & Counter-counter-argument】



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