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Class Supplement, TOEFL Essay, University Coming to Your Town


☆Writing Topic
The government of your area has announced plans to build a large, new university. Some people think that your community would be a favorable location for the university; others disagree. Compare and discuss the good and bad consequences that might result from building a new university in your community. Use specific reasons and details to support your essay.

☆Let’s think
This question is made up of two parts: the premise and a direction. The first two sentences provide the premise of this topic, that is, a hypothetical plan to build a large, new university and the situation in which people separate on whether to support the plan. Therefore, your area is supposed to be both favorable and unfavorable for the university depending on the points of view. The third sentence is the direction. Since it says “compare and discuss the good and bad consequences, “ an essay referring to only good or bad points would not get a high score.

☆Hints for points
Good Consequences:
1. better access to information (library, audit program, extension school)
2. stimulation to the local economy (shops, apartments, construction of new facilities)
3. influx of young power (events, volunteering, campaigns interaction with local people)
Bad Consequences:
1. loss of a large area of nature
2. heavier traffic
3. binge drinking

Now let’s practice paragraph development
【Main Idea】


【Detail / Example】

【More Specific Detail / Example】

【Counter-argument & Counter-counter-argument】



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