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Help! SupersonicSupersonic/Electronic weapon and long term harassment for unknown reasons by a large indefinite number of people (不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)ー個々の事例2010年2月23日以降(自宅関連))


2011/08/11 (Thu) ~ 2011/08/17 (Wed) Strangely, there were few attacks and I was able to sleep 8 hrs on average every day, as far as I remember.

Over the past few days, I have been sleeping on the floor because I get fewer strong electric shocks there than before. I still use my old laptop as my pillow, though.

2011/08/18 (Thu) Slept from 1:00 -5:00 (4 hrs) and drowsed from 7:30-9:30 being constantly attacked by electric shocks which caused very small fits to my fingers, ankles, and head and kept me from sleeping.

2011/08/19 (Fri) Slept 5 hrs.

2011/08/20 (Sat) Slept 8 hrs.

This has happened so many times. So many students have done this to me and I have reserved myself from recording, but I will now. A student asked me a question in class and when I started answering, she moved her leg from left to right and to the left again, smiling wickedly. My eyes automatically followed the movement and, trying not to lose thought, my voice became hard a second, and then a girl, who was sitting behind and who was extremely happy when I was apparently sad two Saturdays before, grinned. The girl’s leg movement was just like those of people on the train who, most smiling the same way, move their fingers or legs in my sight when I am doing some task. She had done the same with her finger repeatedly a week before when I was answering her grammar questions in the office and I had pointed out, to which she replied, “Really, I didn’t know,” in a scream-like sweet voice. I have been trying to assist her improvement since early spring, sometimes, staying after class almost one hour, at her request in response to my offer to answer questions. I told her at that time that she should be serious about her study, even though I think she was, and that it was the matter of herself in the end. I tried to imply that the matter of herself included the harassment she had done to me but I do not know she understood, probably not, seeing she repeated it.

2011/08/21 (Sun) Slept 8 hrs. Although felt neither after concussion-feeling nor funny feeling in my teeth when I woke up, I felt them after standing in front of the kitchen sink for around 10 minutes in the morning, which subsided in 30 minutes or so.


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