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Notes on the Man-made Nuclear Disaster in Japan


Japan Facing Biggest Catastrophe Since Dawn of Nuclear Age (Democracy Now)
Check out the part that starts around 38:00: “… even in 1972, the NRC had concerns about this containment. And we’ve gotten memos through FOIA that indicate, in 1972, the NRC thought that perhaps this particular design should never have been built. So, it’s not something that popped up like a mushroom last month, but it’s been known to the industry since 1972 that this is a weak link in the design.”

Japan could have avoided this nuclear horror (Fukiko Aoki, GlobalPost)

Nuclear Crisis: How It Happened / Government, TEPCO brushed off warnings from all sides (Daily Yomiuri)

Nuclear Crisis: How It Happened / Safety vows forgotten, ‘safety myth’ created

Japan Admits 3 Nuclear Meltdowns, More Radiation Leaked into Sea; U.S. Nuclear Waste Poses Deadly Risks (Democracy Now)


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