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Help! SupersonicSupersonic/Electronic weapon and long term harassment for unknown reasons by a large indefinite number of people (不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)ー個々の事例2010年2月23日以降(自宅関連))


2011/06/04 Slept around 7 hours. Attacked when falling asleep. Beam-like sensations between ears attacks that made me huff and others. Strange voice-like noise on the wall of the loft facing the street early in the morning. Feeling of after-concussion all day yesterday and today.

Not a harassment but a strange incident: On my way back from work, when I turned around the corner, I saw a huge group of men, 20 to 50 persons, in front of my apartment building and the moment I noticed them they started walking toward me, talking and laughing, some of them repeating, “’physical!” I took a left right before I met them and kept walking, expecting they would go straight to the main street, but they didn’t. I could tell from their voice that they turned the same corner and now walking behind me. At the next corner, although usually I take a right so that I could go back to my place from the other side of the block when followed by strange people, instinctively avoided going into darker, narrower streets and took a left, going back to the main street. The men kept going straight and seemed to have become quieter. When I went back to the starting point, three men, spreading in the width of the street, talking and laughing, came toward me. Looking down, I passed them. My place is in a boring residential area far away from the station which is in the fringe of the city of Tokyo. It is very rare to see such a big group of men walking down my neighborhood after nine p.m. on Saturday.

2011/06/05 Slept around 7 hours. Fits caused by attacks woke me up a few times during sleep. When woke up, my eyes were like blinking fluorescent light bulbs. No feeling of after-concussion.

2011/06/06 Slept about 3+3 hours. Stubbing electric shock attacks on the head which felt like a machine producing a strong magnetic field being switched on and off when I was falling asleep both times. Slight feeling of after-concussion.


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