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Class Supplement, TOEFL Integrated Writing, Sample Answer 9


Summarize the points in the lecture you just heard explaining how they contrast with the points made in the text.

Sample Response:
The professor predicts that books will evolve into something much better through digitization and he welcomes it. While he does not deny the survival of books as texts but focuses on the advantages of their electric forms, the author totally dismisses the prediction that books will be replaced by other media.

One advantage of e-books the professor points out is their handiness in searching for some information in the text, especially compared to the paper books without indexes, which often make information search very difficult or impossible.

Another advantage the professor points out is what will become possible for better understanding of texts by digitization. He gives an example of reading an e-book on WWII and coming across a passage about Hitler’s distinctive speech style. He says that downloading the actual video of Hitler’s speech to verify what is written in the text will enhance your reading experience. This view of other media as reading supplement is different from that of the author. The author argues that true understanding of research subjects cannot be gained by using other media. He points out the difference between the qualities of knowledge gained through photos or videos and that which sinks in one’s mind through reading books, for example, on WWII, whose complex and subtle background does not allow quick and easy comprehension. In this respect, the author and the professor are arguing from different viewpoints over what is important for deeper knowledge. The author is talking about the primary importance of books as a medium for better understanding. On the other hand, the professor is talking about the importance of utilizing the technology e-books bear for the same purpose. (277 words)

第1段落: 電子化時代における本の将来に対する考え方のLectureの要旨及びTextとの対比
第2段落: Lectureのひとつめの要点(検索の容易さ)の要約
第3段落: Lectureのふたつめの要点(ハイパーリンクの活用による読書体験の強化)の要約及びTextの要点(情報媒体としての本の重要性)との対比


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