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Class Supplement, TOEFL Essay, Integrated Writing, Sample Answer 3


Summarize the points in the lecture and make it clear how they cast doubt on the ideas of the writer.

Sample Answer:
The lecture is focused on rebutting the points made in the text. The professor argues that organic crops are safer and more nutritious than non-organic crops and that the apparent little effect of eating organic crops is due to other harmful foods that are taken in with them.

The text says that the amounts of the residue of fertilizers and pesticides in conventional produce are below dangerous levels, arguing that otherwise those corps would not have been approved to be sold to the public. However, the professor reminds the long-term effect of consuming small amounts of harmful substances and points out the rising rates of cancer and some other disorders that seem to be related to them.

The next point the text makes is that organic crops are no more nutritious than non-organic crops, while the professor says that organic crops are richer in vitamins and other minerals that are good for health.

The writer of the text insists that eating organic food has no tangible health effect as far as he/she knows and concludes that the improvement of health that proponents report might be some mental effect. For that matter, the professor says that this is not because organic crops are good for nothing but because people who think they are benefitting nothing from organic food diet usually eat not only organic food but also many more food-like substances that are harmful to the body. (236 words)

第1段落: Lectureの要約
第2段落: 無農薬野菜に含まれる化学物質に関するTextの主張とLectureの反論
第3段落: 無農薬野菜の栄養価に関するTextの主張とLectureの反論
第4段落: 無農薬野菜の健康への効果に関するTextの主張とLectureの反論

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