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Class Supplement, “TOEIC テストでまくりキーフレーズ”(英語工房)抜粋プリント


1. 下線部の語句のイメージを思い浮かべる 
2. 文の前後から訳語を考える
3. 訳語を確認する
4. 文全体の訳を確認する 
5. 下線部を声に出して言ってみる

1. Periodical maintenance of the machine is highly recommended.
2. All the employees are obliged to wear a hardhat in the factory.
3. The price of gasoline varies from region to region
4. Contrary to the weather forecast, it cleared up and got so hot
5. The operational manual of the system is stored in the office for future reference.
6. A number of small companies in a competitive market end up in bankruptcy.
1. 強く推奨します 2. 義務づけられている 3. 異なる 4. ~に反して 晴れた 5. 保管される 6. 結局~に終わる

7. The CEO offered his resignation because profits were down for three years in a row.
8. The client was advised to read the small print before signing the contract.
9. Customers are entitled to return items within 10 days of purchase.
10. The recent surge in sales is attributed to the growing needs for our product.
11. Upon completion of the development of the product, we will advertise it in the market.
12. Due to a series of accidents, the company implemented safety regulations.
13. Psy-tech Info is dedicated to providing quality products.
7. 辞任を申し出た、三年連続で 8. 但し書き(fine printとも言う) 9. ~する資格がある 10. ~に起因する 11. ~したらすぐに 12. 安全規則を施行した(implement実施する)、13. ~に全力を注いでいる、高品質製品

14. Overnight delivery is subject to an additional fee.
15. The new regulations will come into effect in April.
16. The merchandise can be purchased by means of a bank transfer.
17. Please be aware that we accept online applications only.
18. The product accounts for 40% of the company’s revenue.
19. You are responsible for the loss of your valuables during the concert.
20. The Amsterdam Hotel can accommodate a large tour group.
14. ~の対象になる 15. 効力を発する 16. ~の手段によって、17. ご留意下さい 18. ~を占める(後ろに比率が来ないときは「説明する」) 19. 貴重品 20. 収容する (対応する) (「要望に応える」が原義)

21. With the new equipment, production will be significantly increased.
22. Mr. Wood is fully qualified for the job.
23. Should you have any questions about our products, please contact us.
24. If you think you cannot meet the deadline, speak with your boss.
25. Given the way our sales representatives talk, a decline in sales can be expected.
21. 機器、著しく増加する22. の資格がある 23. 万一質問がありましたら 24. 締め切りに間に合う 25. ~を考慮に入れると、販売員

26. Our instructional video features exercise routines demonstrated by professionals.
27. Where is the venue for the session held in May?
28. Marvin Motors will cease their business operations effective September 30.
29. Keep all harmful substance out of the children’s reach.
30. A temporary alternative plan to reduce operating expenses was presented in the meeting.
31. Mr. Hom is so upset because his transfer to India was confirmed without notice.
32. Promotional flyers and posters are indispensable to this project.
33. The company announced that the insurance premium would be raised.
26. 毎日行う決まりきった運動 27. 開催地、会議 28. 業務を停止する 29. 子供の手の届くところに置かないでください 30. 一時的な代替案、運営経費 31. 転勤、予告なしに 32. 宣伝用のビラ、~に不可欠 33. 保険料

34. Other than software development, our company assumes responsibility for delivery.
35. For your convenience, we have installed a vending machine in the lounge.
36. The reduction in benefits and salaries will affect the quality of employees’ work.
37. Customer service agents are required to comply with the regulations in the manual.
38. Due to the disappointing economic outlook, no more investments will be made.
39. Enclosed please find a copy of the design specifications provided for your use.
40. We recommend that you consider using complementary treatment.
41. The company has decided to curtail the production line.
34. ~に責任を負う 35. 設置しました 36. 削減、諸手当 37. ~に従う、規定 38. ~のせいで、経済の見通し、投資 39. ~を同封しましたのでご覧ください、仕様書 40. 利用を考慮する 41. 生産ラインを削減する

42. A number of economic analysis claim that rapid growth for the computer market cannot be expected in the foreseeable future.
43. Before going any further, we need to conduct a survey to decide whether our product is practical and marketable.
44. The Diet enacted a law yesterday that protects personal information.
45. The board of directors agreed unanimously on launching a market research project.
46. The position reports directly to the vice president.
47. The upcoming expo will showcase state-of-the-art Internet technology.
48. The unemployment rate has been increasing on account of the economy.
42. 急成長、近い将来 43. これ以上進む前に、調査を行う 44. 法律を制定した 45. 役員会、満場一致で、市場調査、プロジェクトの立ち上げについて 46. ~に直属だ、副社長 47. 来る(きたる)、最新の 48. ~が原因で

49. The company allocated a sufficient budget for product development.
50. Despite the ad campaign started last month, we have yet to see an increase in sales.
51. Info Second has been concerned about his increasing employee turnover.
52. On average, the company increased sales by 20% annually for the past 4 years.
53. The information can be acquired directly through the firm.
54. When Mr. King got promoted, he immediately asked for a raise.
55. The budget allocated to advertising is quite limited.
56. Ms. Tuckers’s knowledge as a banker will be drawn on as negotiations proceed.
49. 割り当てた、充分な予算、製品開発 50. まだ~していない 51. 社員の入れ替わり 52. 平均して 53. 手に入る 54. 昇格した、要求した 55. ~に割り当てられる予算 56. 使われる(draw on~を生かす)交渉、進行する

57. Police will confiscate illegal gambling profits generated by sports betting.
58. Employee volunteers can alleviate temporary staff shortages.
59. The fashion designer’s career culminated at the sold-out fashion show.
60. Detour signs are supposed to be installed around the site.
61. We have to handle the transaction recode with caution.
62. The harvesting machine is under warranty for two years covering all parts and labor.
63. In observance of Children’s Day, the nursery will be closed on Monday.
64. If you’d like to check your balance, please enter your password and press 2.
65. My colleagues want to express their condolences to the family of the deceased.
66. Employees who keep extraordinary records will be given commendations.
57. 没収する 58. ~を緩和する、一時的な人員不足 59. 最高潮になった 60. 迂回標識、設置される 61. 取り扱う、取引、注意して 62. 収穫用の機械、保証付き、全ての部品と人件費に有効で 63. ~を祝って、保育園 64. 銀行残高 65. 同僚、哀悼の意を表す、故人 66. 並外れた記録、賞(commendほめる)

67. Employees are encouraged to wear formal business attire at the banquet.
68. Due to time constraints, Mr. Starr didn’t finish his annual report.
69. Ms. Barker, the chief engineer, has unlimited access to the computer files.
70. The state of Florida is taking measures to protect its people from tropical storms.
71. Any violation of the company’s ethics policy is subject to an appropriate penalty.
72. Expense vouchers must be filled out and copied in duplicate/triplicate.
73. We would be greatly appreciative of your comments regarding our services.
67. ビジネス用の上等な服、宴会 68. 時間の制約のため、年次報告書 69. 自由に利用できる 70. 対策を講じている 71. 違反、倫理規定、~の対象となる、相応の 72. 経費、引換券、二枚/三枚複写 73. 感謝する、~に関し

74. Mr. Wade will be asked to express his opposing point of view regarding the plan.
75. Ms. Lee will host an internationally renowned politician at the ceremony.
76. Our school’s foreign study programs serve to foster positive international goodwill.
77. Upon closer inspection of the delivered goods, we found some defective items.
78. Members of the implementation team will be endorsed by the office of Marketing Communications.
74. 反対の見解 75. 著名な 76. ~に役立つ 77. ~をよく調べてみると、 配達された品物、 欠陥品 78. 実施チーム、承認される(公式に保証される)

79. It is obvious that the marketing campaign of the competitor is superior to ours.
80. The terrible automobile accident occurred in the middle of the intersection.
81. Prior to the presentation, check the document thoroughly once again for errors.
82. Please make sure that all the lights are turned off before you leave.
83. Cancellations must be received in writing no later than 7 days prior to the session.
84. If you would like to exhibit your products, register now and take advantage of our special rates.
85. The part of the truck has to be fixed regardless of the high cost.
86. We are sorry to inform you that your requested book is already out of print.
87. Those who want to buy office supplies in bulk must submit a request form.
79. 競争相手の会社、~より優る 80. 交差点 81. ~の前に、徹底して 82. ~を確認する 83. ~までに 84. 展示する、申し込む、~を活用する 85. ~に関係なく 86. 絶版 87. 事務用品、大量に、提出する

88. It is strictly prohibited to take photographs without permission within the premises for personal or commercial purposes.
89. Hotel guests should refrain form removing fixtures in the room.
90. The development of computer-operated assembly lines is one of the crucial innovations over the past decade.
91. The sales manager greatly contributed to the sharp rise in sales.
92. According to a report, over 50 percent of the nation’s schools have poor ventilation.
93. Reports from the board are available in HTML format.
94. Given the excellent prospects in the IT industry, she got a job with NSA Inc.
95. Changing jobs at the time was simply not in Mr. Wong’s best interest
88. ~することは厳重に禁じられています、 敷地内で、私用または商業目的で 89. ~を慎む 90. 組み立てライン、 重要な 91. ~に貢献した 92. 換気が悪い 93. 入手可能な・利用可能な 94. 見通し 95. ウオン氏の一番の利益

96. The Minister of Agriculture has encouraged farmers to make use of available technology to move the sector forward.
97. After filling in the registration form, kindly return it with a check payable to Westland Dance School.
98. Small schools are superior to big schools in terms of student achievement.
99. The new database was never able to live up to the high expectations.
100. All employees are to be informed of their dismissal at least a month in advance.
101. During the election year, qualified voters watch television news shows on a daily basis.
102. The ideal candidate must be skilled in data management.
103. Automation and better fertilizers will make up for the decrease in farm labor.
104. The aim of the foundation is to pay tribute to talented individuals who bring joy to millions through their music performances.
105. Corrections in sales reports are scheduled to be made either at the end of this month or at the beginning of next month.
106. Instead of leaving your e-mail unanswered for days, try to reply to it in a timely manner.
96. ~を利用する 97. 登録用紙、どうかお戻しください、~宛ての小切手 98. ~の点において、達成 99. (期待など)に答える 100. ~を知らされる、解雇、前もって 101. 資格のある、毎日(on a…basis「…方式で」) 102. 候補者 103. 肥料、~を埋め合わせる 104. ~に敬意を表す 105. 訂正、~の終わりに 106. タイミングよく

107. Our new product, which will be on the market next month, has a distinctive feature.
108. We are supposed to attend either of the workshops, whichever is preferable.
109. The CEO appeared just on time at the press conference.
110. Considering the views from experts, taking no action should be the best choice for investors.
111. For more information on the procedures, refer to the handout to be passed out later.
112. Dissatisfied users of the product can contact the company at any time.
113. If you place an order through the Internet, it will be processed immediately.
114. This advertisement is for those who routinely browse the Internet.
115. Before reaching a decision, make sure that each member is clear about the figures.
116. Our responsibility is to see that customers receive satisfactory support.
107. 市場に出る、顕著な特徴 108. どちらか好きなほうの 109. 記者会見 110. 行動を起こさないこと 111. 参照してください 112. 不満のあるユーザー 113. 注文する、 すぐに処理される
114. 日常的に、 インターネットを見る 115. 結論に達する、数字 116. 必ず~するようにする

117. Mr. Dewey has substantial experience in product development.
118. Because of the merger and acquisition, 80 workers were laid off last year.
119. In order to assist in processing your transaction, your conversation with the operator will be recorded.
120. Information concerning overseas calls is provided in the directory of services.
121. The updated information on flight arrivals and departures will be shown on the screen.
122. The newly appointed president announced that the annual company trip for next year would be called off as part of cutting expenses.
123. In order to know specific needs, we ask each prospective customer to complete the Needs Analysis form.
124. Please fill in the enclosed questionnaire and return it in the prepaid envelop provided.
117. 相当な経験 118. 吸収合併、解雇された 119. 取引処理 120. 電話帳 121. 飛行機の発着 122. 任命された、中止される、経費削減の一環として 123. 見込み客(顧客になる見込みのある人) 124. 同封のアンケート

125. Directly opposite the city hall, a new hospital with state-of-the-art technology will be built soon.
126. All office correspondence should be dealt with by e-mail starting next week.
127. With automated security, your computer systems can keep your data safe without intervention.
128. Please note this form must be filled in completely in order for your child to participate in the actual dance clinic.
129. As a leader, you have to learn to manage uncertainty in an economic downturn.
130. All members must present a valid ID to pick up game tickets and gain admission to the party.
131. With the budget revisions proposed at the meeting, Murphy Inc. could dramatically reduce the advertising spending.
132. Last Friday Mr. Wall attended an annual awards luncheon for Asian-Americans.
133. You may submit your previous employment history, preferably with salary figures.
134. Registered mail is the most secure method of delivery the postal service offers.
135. If you have any inquiries about this matter, feel free to contact us at any time.
125. 市役所の丁度真向かいに 126. オフィス通信、取り扱われる 127. 介入なしに 128. ~にご注意ください 129. 景気下降 130. 入場許可を得る 131. 広告支出 132. 年一度の受賞昼食会 133. 職務経歴
134. 書留郵便 135. ~について質問があれば、遠慮なくご連絡ください

136. We extend our apologies for the suspension of shipping the product.
137. The following is your confirmed itinerary for your trip to China.
138. Those who subscribe to Business Now will receive a coupon available at the designated stores.
139. I want to express my gratitude for your taking time to review my resume.
140. This ticket is valid on the day of issue only.
141. The telephone massage is to acknowledge receipt of damaged products.
142. B & G Associates matches job vacancies with prospective individuals.
136. ~をお詫び申し上げます、遅れ、製品の発送 137. 確認済みの日程表 138. ~を定期購読している、指定店舗 139. ~にお礼申し上げます、履歴書 140. 有効な、発行当日 141. 受領を知らせるため 142. 職の空き

143. If you have purchased broken goods, warranties may be extended free of charge.
144. Please accept this as a token of our appreciation for your role in Wilson’s success.
145. The county’s unemployment rate has reached a record low of 1.5% this year.
146. If not satisfied, just return you item for a full refund.
147. Businesses failing to comply with these new rules are subject to a $300 fine.
148. Western Waterworks, a water distribution company, filed for bankruptcy today.
149. Once collected, the local taxes on gas are remitted to the proper authority.
143. 保障期間、延長される、無料で 144. 感謝の印として 145. 失業率、最低記録の1.5% 146. 全額返金 147. ~に従わない企業、300ドルの罰金が科せられる 148. 配給、破産申し立てをする 149. ~に送金される、当局

150. The Town Record Company will file a $50,000 lawsuit against PolyGraph Music.
151. Minutes from the last meeting should be distributed to all managers and must be carefully read.
152. The company has the right to terminate my employment with or without notice.
153. In consideration of my employment, I hereby consent to submit to alcohol and drug testes requested by your company.
154. We recommend using affordable digital and portable recording devices.
155. You will be seated on a first-come, first-served basis.
156. The person appointed will be counted on to protect the confidentiality of clients.
157. Thank you very much for your prompt reply.
158. Please contact our staff with regard to the new furniture in the catalog.
150. ~に対する5万ドルの訴訟申請をする 151. 前回の会議の議事録、配布される 152. ~する権利がある、私の雇用を終了する、通知してもしなくても153. ~に同意する、アルコール及び薬物テストに従う 154. 手ごろな値段の、録音機器 155. 先着順で 156. 担当者、顧客の機密保持 157. 早速のお返事 158. ~に関して

159. We offer a comprehensive benefits package for information technology professional.
160. We have received your written notice of a billing error.
161. We will need to keep expenditures lower in the next fiscal year.
162. Hall Incorporated is famous for their cutting-edge distribution system in the area.
163. Please pay our outstanding balance by the following date.
164. Detach the lower portion and return it with your check, making it payable to ABC.
165. On entering the factory, failure to declare your effects will result in confiscation.
159. 諸手当一式 160. 請求ミス 161. 支出を低く抑える、会計年度 162. 最先端流通システム
163. 未払いの差額、以下の期日までに 164. 下部を切り離し、~に支払い可能にして
165. 所持品の申告漏れ、没収という結果になる

166. Have your coupon validated when checking into our hotel.
167. Supervisors will conduct performance appraisals by the end of each employee’s probation period.
168. All charges will be billed to Mr. Browning, the head of the accounting department.
169. Thompson Inc. is confronted by a massive accumulated deficit caused by years of poor management.
170. All application will be reviewed and kept on active file up to one year for consideration.
171. Reports turned in after the due date will not be accepted.
166. 確認してもらってください 167. 監督者、実績評価を行う、見習い機関 168. ~に請求される
169. ~に直面している、累積赤字、何年にもわたるひどい経営
179. 応募書類、精査される、現存のファイルに保管される、最長一年間、考慮の対象として
171. 締め切りを過ぎて提出された報告書

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