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Class Supplement (TOEFL Essay, the most important room in a house)


☆Writing Topic
What room of a house do you consider the most important? Why does this room have such importance? Include specific reasons and details to support your choice.

☆functions of each room
the living room – communication, socializing, family event, ceremony
the bedroom – relaxation, concentration, creation, reflection
the kitchen / dining room – cooking/eating, intimate communication with other family members
the bathroom – hygiene, relaxation, self-check

☆decisive factors for conclusion
♦Man is a social animal. / Most important things for the family are in the living room and this room is located in the best area in a house. / Other facilities like hotels and restaurants can make up for all rooms except for this room. → the living room
♦Everyone needs to be alone sometimes. / Personal things are in the bedroom. / The main function of a house in society is for rest and relaxation. →the bedroom

☆To increase the volume of your essay, …
— Adding more points/reasons seems to be the easiest way to write more but I think coming up with another point/reason after having brainstormed once is actually rather difficult. Therefore, I recommend concentrating on the logic and details. —
♦describe/develop the main idea well: If a paragraph has only one or two sentences, chances are that you have not described/developed well enough. Look for a sentence that you can add the reasons, details, or examples.
♦describe/develop each sentence well: A statement usually has some exception or needs some condition or concession. Add “except …,” “as long as …,” “though, …,” etc.
♦describe other choices: Even if the Writing Topic does not say, “Compare and contrast the choices,” you could write about other choices. By doing so, you could make good points and you can also show your vocabulary. Make sure that you do not digress.
♦take up counter-arguments if necessary: While you are making points for your argument, sometimes a counter-argument, “Well, but what about in this case?” comes up to your mind. Then it is better not to ignore it but take it up and give a counter-counter-argument or two. By doing so, you can confirm your argument. If you can do it well, you will get a high score.

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