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Violence in America


I think, in Japan, aside from its violent history and despite its culture flooded with violent expressions, he would be regarded as a problem by his own people and probably would lose his job if an influential person used the words “kill,” “execute,” “shotgun,” “bullet,” or “take xxx out” in a way that can be an instigation, mentioning politicians or someone with liberal ideas, which is what particular American conservative leaders have been doing and raising issues about which is considered “controversial” there.

Personally, it is sad because I love America and Americans.

Giffords Shooting – Right Wing Media & Politicians To Blame? (The Young Turks)
Cenk’s Controversial Blog On Loughner Shootings (The Young Turks)
Conservatives Create Violent Atmosphere – ‘Cenk Attack’ On MSNBC (MSNBC)


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