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Supersonic/Electronic weapon and long term harassment for unknown reasons by a large indefinite number of people (不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)ー個々の事例2010年2月23日以降(自宅関連))


196.  This is not directly related to what I call the supersonic/electronic weapon attacks, but as I have written before, these attacks seem to be related a wider phenomenon where I have been harassed infinite number of people who seem to know me and think they can do anything to me, for which I cannot find no reason. The following are the two things that caught my attention among countless harassments I went through, although much less nasty compared to before, during this holiday season with which my moving house coincided. Both of them are related to the fact that people whom I do not know seem to know me and my private life.

1)     2010/12/30 I went into a burger shop in the station building in my town for late lunch. It is new and I went into a non-smoking section, which was half the size of a basketball court. There was an old couple near the door, a young man near them, and a woman in the back. I sat in the next division of the woman and started eating. Then soon the old lady of the couple started talking rather loudly although I could not catch what she was saying. She was talking to the man, who seemed to be her husband, but looked at me very often with an expression of contempt and sneer.  The man also looked at me as she looked at me but he seemed to do so reluctantly and looked slightly confused his expression was mostly normal, as a customer at a burger shop, which was kind of weird to me, who is used to be treated nastily by most males who are strangers to me, although these days I have come to see many acting like humans these days. The couple was totally unfamiliar to me and I have been in this town over the past two years, having no intimate relationships with the locals, as most singles living and working in Tokyo do. Suddenly, the woman became louder and I heard her say, looking at me indignantly, “Dame, dame,…kirai ni nattakartte dame-yo.  (No, no,…even though …has/have become pretty, no.”  “Dame” is used to mean someone/something does not meet the standard, hence meaning not qualified, not enough, incompetent and so on. I heard her words but I was rather focused on my lunch and, realizing I did not like drinking thick coffee without drinking alongside, I talked to myself, “I should have bought some water.” Then in a few seconds, the young man stood up, looking at me with a humane sad face, with the expression that could be translated as sympathy, and left. Then I became conscious of the woman’s words and paid more attention to them. They kept talking looking at me incessantly. The man once said, “Nonki na monda,” meaning “That carefree thing,” when I happened to absent-mindedly enjoying my modest lunch, looking up. I left the shop right after eating food, leaving the couple. I have no idea about what they were talking about. The only change about me that seems to be relevant to the woman’s words, “become pretty,” is my new room. I myself is far from becoming pretty as I am 51 years and 9 months old and dress and as unfashionably as I always have. Although the rent has become lower because it is farther from the station than my old apartment, my new place is new, a little larger, and neat, while the old place was more than 20 years old and much smaller. About “dame,” I do not see what that woman thinks “dame” about me. Also, although I have many shortcomings and lack many important properties, I do not see why she a total stranger, has to determine the legitimacy or level of any element of mine. I try not to take things personally, but I often see people whom I do not know but who seem to know me and my private life and who blatantly and enthusiastically talk about me. (My PC suddenly shut down when I wrote the last sentence.)

2)     On some day between January 4th and 7th, I was on the subway Hanzomon-line to work when two young women sitting across from me started talking both looking at me right after they took seats. One of them, looking at me, with a strange expression which can be translated as a sneer, said, “Ryori nante shinai-yo ne! (Who cooks these days! Nobody does, right?)” I have no idea about what she meant, but just remember having had people with the same expression say something like that, kind of an insinuation, to me although those utterances in the past made sense, which means that I had some idea about the words or I was reminded of something related to me by their words. Again the women and other people who did the same kind of things to me were perfect strangers to me. The topics seem to have been often related to households, but I am not sure.


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