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Supersonic/Electronic weapon and long term harassment for unknown reasons by a large indefinite number of people (不特定多数による長期にわたる原因不明の嫌がらせ(6)ー個々の事例2010年2月23日以降(自宅関連))


180.  2010/12/14 There were few or no attacks I remember or noticed. Slept 7 hours straight.

181.  2010/12/15 A strong shocks on my head accompanied by flash in my eye came on after another a little while after I went to bed. I hear a GGGGG noise with those shocks.
When the shocks came, I was wearing earmuffs to block bothering low frequency noise from 201 or 202 and unnatural male coughing from 202. Shocks feel stronger when I am wearing earmuffs, but I could not help because of the annoyance. I took of earmuffs and made the gaps between the packed-cardboard-box wall against Room 202 I made the other day tight. Next shocks were to my shoulders and then hands, both of which caused them to twitch. Noises that usually accompany the shocks were unclear because of the low frequency noises.

182.  2010/12/16 Incessant strong shocks like rock-blows came on my head when I got to bed. So many that I do not remember how many. I d not know whether I fell asleep or faint. Strangely, I was not woken up at odd hours today. Slept 6 hours straight.

183.  2010/12/17 At around 3:30 a.m. after falling asleep around midnight as I got strong shocks on my head many times I was woken up by attacks on my head and a loud mechanic throbbing noise that might have been that of heater but sounded more like the continuation of the sound I often hear when I get those electronic/supersonic attacks. Unnatural, loud male coughs that often sounded intentional continuously heard for almost an hour. I got up around 4:30 and I read a book till 6:30 and tried to sleep again, which was disrupted by attacks, loud unnatural coughs, other noises of hitting or dropping something from eight side of adjacent rooms, and strange fine vibrations inside of my lower body that seemed to be caused by magnetic field coming from Room 202 (I used to have strong versions of this phenomenon around six months ago) every time I was falling asleep. I woke up or woken up at around 9:00 a.m. May be or may not be a coincidence, but I have a class to teach for the first time in a week today.

184. 2010/12/18 A noise that sounded like a video game which used to bother me almost every night till six months ago woke me up at around 3:30. I think there were many attacks when I went to bed last night and they were irregular, meaning that they were not like operated by one individual. After I was woken up at the odd hour, I was between sleep and non-sleep because attacks kept coming. Again, I felt the attacks were not from one person. I think I heard several chuckles in Room 202 when my hand in blanket lifted in an unnatural way like that of a marionette while I was half asleep. Other than the hand placed on my stomach in my blanket, the attacks concentrated on my lower body, which incidentally or not incidentally is more vulnerable to the attack because there are less packed cardboard boxes between my lower body and Room 202. Attacks on my head were rare unlike other nights. I also had a feeling that there were several people in Room 202. I woke up again at around 10:00 a.m., when I heard many people’s voices, not old, in both Room 202 and 203. When I went outside in the afternoon, I saw a plastic bag containing unsorted garbage such as plastic bottles, soft drink cartons, a large beer can, and things wrapped in supermarket plastic bags in front of my apartment building.

185.  2010/12/19 Woken up by something and noticed that a force that felt like magnetic field was around my head and the sound in my head was loud, a little bit wavy but not like it was in the summer, when it sounded like thousands of cicadas, at around 5:00 a.m. I noticed that I was wearing earmuffs but did not remember why.


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