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Class Supplement (TOEFL Essay, a new factory in your community)


Imagine that a company has announced plans to build a large factory in your community. Would you support this addition to your community?



“a large factory”… It has advantages and disadvantages.

“in your community” … You can consider distinct conditions in your community.


So you can start with discussing merits and demerits of building a factory in general, and then add some conditions of your community to conclude.



Hints for Points

merits and demerits of building a factory in general


It will stimulate the local economy. / The employment will improve. / The municipal government will benefit from the tax revenue increase.


air/water/noise pollution / Transportation will be crowded. / There might be conflicts between old and new residents


conditions of your community

old residential area The health of senior citizens might be adversely affected.

already full of factories  more demerits than merits



While you are writing, you often think of a counter argument. Then take it up, and deal with it by, for example, proving the counter argument does not make a case.



The employment will improve. 

Corporations employ dispatched workers, who are already trained to do the same kind of tasks and do not cost much, and therefore, your community will not solve the problem of high unemployment rate.

The community leaders can organize themselves to make sure that the factory will give priority to hiring residents in the area before the construction starts.


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