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TOEFL Essay Writing Supplement


Writing Topic A: Suppose you had a chance to take a two-week trip to a foreign country. What country would you most wish to visit?


Sample of a thought process

1.    Name countries you would like to visit according to your interests.

a.    according to your differing interests

e.g. 1) America or other English speaking countriesEnglish study  2) China or other emerging economiesinterest in vigorous societies  3) countries that are not so popular as tourist destinationsinterest in countries you do not know well

b.    focusing on one of your interests

e.g. 1) ancient historyEgypt, China, Iraq (Mesopotamia), Iran (Persia), etc.  2) biologyGalapagos Islands, a country in the Sub-Saharan Africa

2. Narrow down choices based on realistic or personal reasons

   e.g. safety, cost, time constraint



Writing Topic B: There may be good points and bad points about your hometown. What aspect of your hometown do you think it the most important to change, why?

“What aspect”…singular (not “What aspects” You have to choose one aspect from several bad points about your town that you would like to change.

Sample of a thought process

1.What kind of town is my town?

   a town in a city

    problems: air/water/noise pollutions, less contact with nature,

little human relation, few opportunities to join the local traditional events

fewer nurseries and primary schools

   a town in the suburban area

    problems: diminishing mom-and-pop shops ( large outlets, discount shops)

long commuting hours, less human relation, less open to foreigners

   a town in the countryside

    problems: high unemployment rate, aging society,

delicate relationship between the locals and foreigners as farmhands

fewer hospitals/doctors and nurses, lower education levels

2.    Explain why it is a problem.

3.    Describe how you would like it to change.

4.    Describe what kind of results would be expected.

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