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トピック: 自分の国の大学で新しい研究所をひとつ建てる計画がある場合、ビジネスと農業どちらの研究所にしたら良いと思うか?


1.    Japan has been the second biggest economy in the world for a long time, but this has been due to our strong competitiveness in products, not in sales and marketing. To stay competitive, we need to learn more about business, for example, market research. Japan is an export-driven economy and our main exports are luxury items such as cars and electronics, which bring great profits in good times but become redundant in recession. Research on what kinds of demand exist in what countries will help diversify exports and stabilize export earnings.


2.    With enough wealth and technology to help reduce the damage of global warming and environmental destruction, developed countries are expected to shift to a sustainable economy. To restructure our economy, we need to do more research on related areas such as evaluation of eco-friendly technology businesses.


3.    Turning to agriculture for self-sufficiency for fear of depression or food shortage is unrealistic. Japan has long been an exporter of industrial products and importer of agricultural products, and adding an agricultural research center cannot change this economic structure. Moreover, the level of our agricultural research is already very high. In fact, people all over the world come to Japan to study agriculture.



1.    Low self-sufficiency is not necessarily dangerous in this global economy, but around 40% in terms of calories is a matter of concern. Also, although this problem is the problem of business (deflation) and politics (trimming rice production), approaches to improve the situation made by those involved in farming should be effective and innovative.


2.    We have not eliminated hunger-related deaths in poor countries yet, and population explosion and global warming could cause food shortage in urban areas in the near future. It is required for us to make more contribution to research on food security such as irrigation, plants which are more adaptable to climate change, and genetically modified crops.



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