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TOEFL Essay Class Supplement

トピック: テレビを観るのは時間の無駄か、それとも有益あるいは娯楽になるか?

Waste of Time

There are better ways to have fun or to get information other than watching TV, and there is too much harm in TV watching.


Releasing stress can be done through other activities, and TV entertainment shows should be the last option as they require no creativity. Moreover, TV watching is sedentary and thus unhealthy.


The amount of information on TV news shows is small compared to that of other media. Only issues people are interested in are reported on TV and TV news coverage does not provide detailed information. News videos are on line now. News on the Internet is updated by the minute. You can choose the news on the Net and you can do so when you want to, while you passively receive the news TV stations select and provide in the case of TV.


Educational programs are no more useful than entertainment shows because you tend to become passive when you watch them, while active involvement is important in learning.


Through television advertisements, which account for most of the airtime of a program, desire for needles commodities are imprinted on the mind of the audience.


Useful or Enjoyable

As long as you keep an eye on how you use it, TV can be a good source of information and an inexpensive and handy tool for having fun or relieving stress.


Some programs such as language programs and documentaries provide opportunities to learn things that you cannot learn anywhere else or unless spending a lot of money.


One good thing about TV watching is that you can learn things that you did not intend to. By keeping TV on or zapping channels, you sometimes come across interesting people, useful information, or moving stories. It is like taking a walk in an unfamiliar neighborhood to find a lovely garden or sitting among strangers to hear an eye-opening story. The Internet, which is made to be used to search for specific information, seldom allows this to happen.


Topics on sporting events, big news, or popular dramas broadcast on TV the night before are good icebreakers you could use when you are talking with someone.


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