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今日のしごと (TEOFL Essay, Should smoking become illigal?)

トピック: 煙草の違法化の是非
Essay for ideas and thoughts:
Even though it might be difficult to put in practice because of smokers’ feelings and economic circumstances, cigarettes should be made illegal to protect younger generations and to solve the problem of second-hand smoke.


By making smoking illegal, the number of those who start smoking can be greatly reduced. Smokers find it difficult, and many of them believe it unnecessary, to quit smoking even though it has been scientifically proved that smoking causes lung cancer and other diseases. This is because smoking is addictive. When some toxic substance is addictive, making it illegal is one of the effective ways to reduce its harm. This is especially effective in preventing those who are not addicted, mostly the young, from initiating the use, since people usually stay away from things that are illegal.


Smoking seems to be a necessary evil and a matter of self-responsibility just like drinking and gambling, but the problem of second-hand smoke separates it from them. Cigarettes directly harm those who are around the smoking person. Children of smokers are more susceptible to respiratory diseases than those of non-smokers, and many people are sensitive to cigarette smoke by nature. Although separate-smoking and public smoking ban are promoted, many smokers do not conform to the rules and it is impossible to shut out the contaminated air completely. When some toxic fumes  are around in everyday scenes, it is natural for the government to regulate them.


Banning smoking is difficult but possible. It seems that cigarettes stay legal because their social influence is not as drastic as that of drugs and they support the economy. Cigarettes do not make the user dangerous the way drugs do and smokers can keep functioning for decades. Also, cigarettes are established part of economy and produce tax money, so that it is very difficult to terminate the industry. However, changes necessary for public health have been made in the past. Coal was replaced by oil, which is cleaner than coal, and now oil is being replaced by much cleaner energy sources. Cigarettes themselves were a replacement, advocated by the government, for chewing tobacco, which was found to be contributing to the transmission of tuberculosis through saliva spat on the ground by the users. When the public health is at risk, the government should and can take measures.


Society is ultimately to be totally smoke-free to protect the health of everyone, especially younger generations, although there are many measures to be taken for that.

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