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TOEIC Part 5用補助プリント
1)TOEIC Part 5 宿題(語彙問題抜き・語彙問題のみ)
1)TOEIC Part 5 語彙問題抜き練習問題一部

1.      Zerox Corp is investigating the possibility of —– a production facility in India.

A) establishment   B) establish   C) establishing   D) established


2.      Denzu Advertising hopes to demonstrate its talent for —– stylish and inventive ads when presenting its campaign ideas to Migrosoft.

A) creation   B) create   D) creating   D) created


3.      The labor representatives —– accepted management’s proposed settlement, pending approval of the rank-and file union members.

A) condition   B) conditions   C) conditional   D) conditionally


4.      The volatility of the exchange rate will have a large impact on those firms doing business —–.

A) international   B) internationalizing   C) internationally   D) internationalize


5.      Ms. Poonsawad, the chief financial officer, has indicated that she will —– delegate day-to-day responsibility for financial management to the comptroller.

A) event   B) eventually   C) eventual   D) eventuality


6.      Candidates for the position —– all of the required documents by e-mail attachment.

A) submission   B) submitting   C) submittal   D) submit


7.      Heavy industries, such as those which manufacture steel, typically —– a very large initial investment in plant and equipment.

A) requires   B) is required   C) requiring   D) require


8.      Those —– in booking booths for the city’s annual antiques show should contact Ms. Kanchana at the camber of commerce.

A) interested   B) interesting   C) interests   D) interest


9.      All conference —– should be sure to register by e-mail prior to arriving at the convention center.  A) attendance   B) attendees   C) attendances   D) attends


10.   To avoid —– of your flight reservations, you must confirm them within 48 hours of your intended return.   A) cancel   B) cancellation   C) cancelled   D) canceling

1.      A financial —– must examine an institution’s records, budgets, investments, and assets in accordance with the accepted rules of accounting in his or her area of specialization.

A) audit   B) auditor   C) audits   D) auditing


2.      The commission ultimately rejected the —– plan to build a new swimming complex, claiming that it would be excessive in const.

A) propose   B) proposal   C) proposing   D) proposed


3.      A truly —– advertising campaign not only increases product sales but also boosts a company’s brand image.  A) effectiveness   B) effectively   C) effective   D) effect


4.      Due to the fact that various statewide —– for road and bridge and repair were far higher than originally estimated, the governor requested a supplementary budget.

A) expends   B) expenses   C) expensive   D) expending


5.      The editors of The Detroit Post delayed —– of the controversial story until its facts could be further verified.  A) publicize   B) publication   C) publishing   D) publisher


6.      Young Jon Chang is not only a widely read author of books on investment of but a well-known professor of economics —-.

A) and also   B) and   C) in addition   D) as well


7.      A manager’s performance can be evaluated based on her own leadership skills —– her ability to cultivate the leadership of others.

A) when   B) since   C) as well as   D) neither


8.      The new employee cafeteria can accommodate —– 400 workers at one time.

A) many   B) as many   C) many as   D) as many as


9.      —– 40 percent of the accounting department’s record-keeping is solely devoted to maintaining the payroll.

A) As of   B) As much as   C) More of   D) As such


10.   Employees will receive their year-end bonuses —– they pass their performance reviews.   A) thanks to   B) as long as   C) already   D) beside

1.      The census data —– every 10 years by the federal government is made available to the public on its Web site.   A) compilation   B) compile   C) compiled   D) compiling


2.      The firm requested its attorney, Mr. Brahma, to thoroughly —– the terms of the contract before concluding an agreement.  

A) analyze   B) analysis   C) analyst   D) analytical


3.      The commerce department has launched a comprehensive —– in response to allegations of price-fixing in the construction sector.

A) investigative   B) investigator   C) investigation   D) investigated


4.      Individual efficiency is a prime factor in assessing overall worker —–.

A) productive   B) production   C) productively   D) productivity


5.      On July 1st the personnel office will begin reviewing the applications of all —– candidates.   A) qualifying   B) qualified   C) qualifier   D) qualification


6.      Ms. Everton asked all department members to give their July sales targets to their team leaders or —- directly.

A) herself   B) her   C) hers   D) she


7.      Mr. Henderson prefers that his retirement plans remain between the personnel department and — until an official announcement is made.

A) himself   B) them   C) him   D) themselves


8.      The change in the production schedule will give —– additional time to develop our advertising campaign.  A) our   B) ourselves   C) we   D) us


9.      Departments of the municipal government, including the road and transport division, were asked by the city manager to standardize —– expense reports.

A) its   B) itself   C) his   D) their


10.   The doctor wrote a special prescription as —- patient was going on a two-week business trip.   A) him   B) hers  C) himself  D) her


TOEIC Part 5 語彙問題のみ練習問題

1.      Rice prices —– new highs for the year due to a weak harvest in September, combined with a strong demand.

A) reached   B) increased   C) handed   D) crept


2.      Investors received some hope for the news that —– spending on clothing and recreation rose by 3.3 percent in August.

A) auditor   B) inventor   C) consumer   D) contractor


3.      Ms. Davis will make your plane, hotel, and restaurant reservations for you when your —– is set.   A) initiative   B) itinerary   C) intuition   D) intimacy


4.      Newspapers are —– at the gift shop located on the north side of the hotel, past the elevator, right before the hotel lobby.

A) available   B) appointed   C) advanced   D) registered


5.      All telephone calls for Chris Hopper will be —– to an answering service while he is on his annual paid leave.

A) authorized   B) fertilized   C) prohibited   D) transferred


6.      The actual costs for the computers were —– higher than what had been originally estimated.   A) very   B) too   C) expensively   D) significantly


7.      The plane is scheduled to depart from Jakarta at 2:00 p.m., and will arrive in Sydney at —– 2:55 p.m.   A) exclusively   B) entirely  C) approximately   D) apparently


8.      The earnings forecast for Tech Times Inc. were —– downward, due to a decrease in commercial orders for its main product.

A) revised   B) resumed   C) rejected   D) rectified


9.      The government’s decision to curb imports from Canada will have an —– impact on the local economy.   A) allocated   B) inconsiderate   C) enormous   D) intact


10.   The airline started flight service form Japan to Hawaii targeting —– travelers seeking inexpensive but safe air travel.

A) leisure   B) unfunded   C) play   D) trip

1.      The warm weather in July —– soft drink demand, and was reflected in increased sales for companies across the board.

A) plummeted   B) boosted   C) stopped   D) rose


2.      After the internal investigation, three employees were let —–, and four more were put on suspension without pay.   A) up   B) on   C) go   D) down


3.      We would appreciate a —– response from the president of your company at her earliest convenience.  

A) prompt   B) close   C) very   D) speaking


4.      New employees will —– copies of the company brochure in the mail, two weeks before their first day on the job.  

A) receive   B) retain   C) recede   D) repel


5.      The local government has agreed to —– companies to use city-owned facilities at low cost.   A) give   B) let   C) allow   D) have


6.      Poor visibility has forced the airline to —– the flight’s departure time from 7 o’clock to 10 o’clock.  

A) depend   B) distort   C) demand   D) delay


7.      We need you to leave with us a contact phone number in —– of an emergency.

A) instead   B) spite   C) case   D) instance


8.      Worker’s —– is guaranteed to improve , or your money back, after participation in this seminar. 

A) foundation   B) fragment   C) contract   D) efficiency


9.      The airline asked some passengers if they would —– take the next flight, as the flight had been overbooked.  

A) speedily   B) basically   C) compulsorily   D) voluntarily


10.   Three employees were —– for their diligent work ethic and outstanding performance.

A) replied   B) raised   C) commended   D) combined

1.      Revenue —– by a whopping 35 percent for the quarter, due mostly to the bankruptcy of its main customer.   A) spilled   B) dropped   C) estimated   D) stagnated


2.      New Horizons Inc. strongly supports organizations that —– the needs of the local community.   A) speak   B) talk   C) appeal   D) address


3.      The consultant —– the company president to conduct performance reviews for all sales agents at the Seoul office.   A) hypothesized   B) advised   C) stated   D) implied


4.      All shift managers are —– to write work evaluation reports for all workers under their supervision.   A) required   B) compulsory   C) have   D) request


5.      The advertisement for the diet pill was construed as —– by the Board for Corporate Advertising Integrity.

A) mistake   B) mysterious   C) misleading   D) misunderstanding


6.      All supervisors are requested to —– to the vice president’s office immediately.

A) report   B) promote   C) spend   D) expect


7.      Smoking is not permitted on the —– at any time.

A) precautions   B) prepositions   C) prerequisites   D) premises


8.      There is a twenty-five dollar —– for late payments on credit card balances, although there is a seven-day grace period.  

A) allowance   B) revenue   C) trouble   D) fee


9.      Over ninety-five percent of the employees here —– to the union.

A) belong   B) receive   C) benefit   D) allocate


10.   A letter has been sent to Mr. Oggle, and we are now waiting for his —–.

A) receipt   B) reason   C) response   D) repetition

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